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Best Shows to Binge Watch on Hulu

Hulu and Netflix have made their way into nearly every American home and binge watching has quickly become an American pastime.  Some people have even cut ties with their cable company and live off streaming media! And now it’s your turn, dim the lights and grab some snacks because our top picks will have you hooked for at least a season or two!

For first time users: create an account and get your first month free! Of course, they take your payment info, but if you don’t like it after 30 days you can easily cancel!


PARKS AND REC:  Two words: Amy Poehler. Two more words: You’re welcome.

COMMUNITY:  If you loved Joe McHale on The Soup, you’ll get a kick out of Community!

Side-note: RIP The Soup, still miss you.

NEW GIRL:  I binged watched season 5 in one day and didn’t regret one second. You won’t either.

REBA:  She’s a classic, the show is hilarious, and you can’t go wrong with Melissa Peterman aka Barbara-Jean.

LAST MAN STANDING:  Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor makes a comeback as Mike Baxter in this family comedy, and Johnathan Taylor Thomas makes an appearance for you 90’s fanatics.


THE CATCH:  Shonda Rhimes has done it again. If you love Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, & HTGAWM, check out The Catch…and even if you don’t love the OG3, still check it out and thank me later.

RIZZOLI & ISLES:  If you love a smart-mouth woman who makes her own rules, you’ll love Detective Rizzoli. Medical examiner Dr. Isles is know-it-all who isn’t ashamed to show it, and the two of them will have you rolling in tears.

CHICAGO MED:  Spin off of Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, not your classic hospital show, but it does have it’s share of drama and gore of course!

THE FAMILY:  Just when you think you figured it out, you haven’t! One of the best mysteries out right now.

REVENGE:  Theres nothing sweeter than Revenge, and this show proves it.

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