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When it Comes to Matters of the Heart, there’s Always a Story

By : Aigner Mathis 

When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s safe to say we have seen movie and after movie and show after show focusing on how a woman deals with her heartbreak. Facebook alone has countless articles floating around telling women how to get over him, to move on, make peace, the best way to get revenge…the list goes on. We have been conditioned to believe that men’s emotions are like light switches that flick on and off with enviable ease. Rarely do we see anything in the media that explores what men must deal with in the wake of a heartbreak. That’s where Joshua Wilson comes in.

Wilson is a producer, writer, radio host, talent manager and now actor extraordinaire who is diving head first into the film industry with the new webseries Matters of The Heart. In the series, which is based on a true breakup, we follow the main character Jeremy as he comes to term with losing who he believed to be the love of his life. Season one of Matters of the Heart will make you laugh, question, hope, cry and look at life after love differently.

Today November 14,2016, Matters of the Heart will premiere for the world on a mobile or computer near you! Each day, a new episode will be released and you can follow Jeremy and his hilarious, and sometimes brutally honest, friends as they attempt to help him heal his heart.

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