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“Power” Episode 306: That moment when…

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The dynamics changed every time you blinked during Episode 306 “The Right Decision.” Tommy and Ghost thought they cut the snake off at the head by killing Lobos, but a new one slithered into his place. Tasha signed the divorce papers, Ghost broke Angela’s heart, and Tommy is still reeling from what he did to Holly. Here, the REVOLTPower recap crew takes you through the biggest OMG moments of the show.

That moment when it all came crashing down

You can’t have one foot in and the other out. It’s either you’re in it for the long haul or you’re out. Ghost learned that hard last night. With Lobos out the picture, instead of the clouds being whisked away, darker ones have formed above Ghost and his family. And this time, it’s the closest ones to him who are closer to the storms (Angela, Tariq). From Milan introducing himself to the aftermath of Lobos’ death reverberating through Angela’s office and, don’t forget, Kanan provoking Dre — for the first time this entire series, I actually feel sorry for the guy. By the end of the episode, I feel like we all bore the brunt of Ghost’s newfound burden. —Ralph Bristout

That moment when we found out why the security dude wouldn’t stop lurking.

Ghost’s security detail just would not let Ghost fire him. Ghost was like, stop following me, I’m good. And dude was like, why you treating me like this? I’ma stay. But at the end when he had Ghost by the balls (figuratively speaking) and we found out he was Milan, it was like OMG! A. Lobos was right when he said one day Ghost would be in his position. B. Ghost solved one problem and walked right into another. C. You can’t walk away, that’s why it’s called a life of crime. Poor Ghost. And Tommy.

That moment when Tommy convinced Ghost to break up with Angela:

Every Ghost-Tommy interaction this episode surprised me. They were like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, arguing about the plan in front of Lobos, almost letting him get away; it was just sloppy. But when Tommy said they should have killed Angela a long time ago and then talked Ghost into breaking up with her, there was a sick smile on his face. Does he want Ghost to be alone since he is? Does he want them to be each other’s whole world? Maybe he just doesn’t understand real love. (I mean, look at his relationship with his mom.) I don’t know what that was about, but I don’t trust Tommy anymore. —Driadonna Roland

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