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Scott Rogowsky Speaks on Becoming the Hottest Mobile Personality

By: Lauren Johnson

Adweek: How did you land the gig as the host of HQ Trivia?
Scott Rogowsky: I’ve been doing comedy in New York since 2007. In 2008, I started a sports talk show called 12 Angry Mascots. I did that for three years and then transitioned into a talk show called Running Late With Scott Rogowsky, which has been going on for six-and-a-half years and I’m still doing it.

I had really tried to build up this talk show, which I brought to L.A. I was deciding to double down on it and move to L.A. and get it launched as a weekly or a bimonthly show. Right around that time is when HQ came calling and threw my whole life into a different orbit.

How has HQ changed your life?
I can afford to live in Manhattan now. I always thought I was busy. I was never sleeping and now I really am busy and I’m never sleeping. So, I don’t know what I was doing beforehand that made me think I was so busy.

When do you find out about the day’s questions?
The questions have been prepared days in advance by the team of writers, but I don’t look at them until the day of. We all go through it as a group and make sure everything’s spelled right and the grammar is correct—every little thing is critiqued on Twitter.

Commenters have given you some pretty funny nicknames. What’s your favorite?
Quiz Daddy, Host Malone. Lag Daddy’s a good one. I came up with Old Laggy Bastard. Walt Quizney is a good one—there’s so many funny ones.

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