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[The Big Screen] The 10 Most Underrated Movies of 2015



The Culture Supplier – Marcus Gilmore

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge a few more great movies from earlier in the year that have been mostly overlooked.

If it seems like a new set of critics’ awards, year-end lists, and industry organization nominations are dropping every single day, it’s not your imagination — we’re in the thick of awards season, and everybody’s getting their say.

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Fort Tilden

We hear plenty of talk about the challenges of unsympathetic characters, but few films this year crafted a pair of protagonists as sharply defined and potentially alienating as Harper (Bridey Elliot) and Allie (Clare McNulty), and then dared us to stick with them for an hour and a half. Writer/directors Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers seem, at first, to have a big-screen Girls riff in mind — two young women and the Brooklyn surroundings that define them — but their sensibilities are ultimately far darker, and less forgiving.




One of the year’s big indie narratives was the discrepancy between Sundance buzz and popular culture penetration; both Me and Earl and the Dying Girland this hip-hop-flavored action/comedy from writer/director Rick Famuyiwa met with enthusiastic reception and pricey acquisitions in Park City, only to stumble in even their limited release


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