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Watch: Trailer of The Story of Robert Hughes – Legendary Coach

Press Release: 

“5700 Ramey Ave: The Story of Robert Hughes” 

a film exploring the life and legacy of legendary high school basketball coach Robert Hughes and the Dunbar Flyin’ Wildcats.

Stop 6, an urban neighborhood of Ft. Worth, TX, was not known for much more than economic hardships, illegal drug abuse, and gang violence. Sitting in the heart of the community is Paul Laurence Dunbar High School which has proven to be a beacon of light. Despite the hardships and harsh realities of the neighborhood, the successes of Coach Robert Hughes and the basketball team has helped to shine a light on the residents in the community. 
Robert Hughes compiled an incredible record of 1,333 wins (most all-time) to only 262 losses in his illustrious career. Coaching at Paul Laurence Dunbar for over 30 years Hughes would only experience one losing season in which that team would still make the playoffs. Over 200 men earned college scholarships under his tutelage. His fiery approach to the game would earn him the reputation as a mean, no-nonsense coach when in all honesty he was nothing more than a gentle giant.  
The basketball team would go on to win two state championships under Coach Hughes, defeating national powerhouses such as Oak Hill, VA, Los Angeles Crenshaw and Washington D.C. and Dematha along the way. On March 31, 2017, Robert Hughes was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, where he was inducted September 9, 2017, in Springfield, Massachusetts. 
5700 Ramey Ave captures the journey towards success and the life of Coach Robert Hughes, documented by his former Paul Laurence Dunbar High School men’s basketball player, Mike Byars.

 “I spent 4 of the most incredible years of my life under the tutelage of Coach Robert Hughes. I knew something was terrific about his presence at the age of 14, but I had no idea how to translate what I felt into words. I promised myself that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would do something special to honor his life,” said director Mike Byars. “The opportunity never came, so I created it on my own. I feel the 2+ years I spent cultivating this film was the very least I could do to show my gratitude for the life long lessons he passed along to me.” – Director’s Quote

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