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Comedy the Old-Fashioned Way: Meet Dez O’Neal from Dallas

In a time where wearing wigs to be discovered through instagram, Dallas’ own Dez O’Neal sticks with the lost art of stand-up comedy.


We’ve watched a lot of comedians like Duval, Rickey Smiley, Sommore, Bruce Bruce Cedric the Entertainer and more grow in their craft in ComicView’s 1992-2008 airtime.

Some can even recall watching Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart &  Eddie Murphy’s stand up comedy; knowing jokes word for word.

However, in today’s world of comedy being based around social media, the art of a comedian standing on stage making a live audience laugh has been neglected..

O’Neal is still at it!

Performing at venues and comedy clubs across not only DFW but also the country, Dez O’Neal proves that you don’t need 15 seconds and a wig to be found amusing.

From his complaints about Sprint’s service to his Obama impression, this up & coming comedian is one to keep an eye out for.


Having the courage to stand in front of an unpredictable crowd in this generation is what puts him in his own lane to be next up!

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