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L.A. Reid Tells Never-Before-Heard Stories About Outkast on Sway in the Morning

Without a doubt L.A. Reid has one of the most storied careers in music. Working with the likes of Outkast, Maria Carey, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Tony Braxton and so many more, Reid recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to speak on his new book “Sing To Me.”

From his time at LaFace Records to later merging with and taking over Arista Records, Reid outlines the success of Outkast and their ability to break the mold on traditional hip-hop. With the bubbling talent of Atlanta at his fingertips, Reid also helped mold the careers of Usher and Pink as they began their incredibly successful careers.

With so much history in the business and so little time to run through it all, Sway asks Reid a series of questions in which he drops gems and tells unheard stories. Talking to Kanye before the release of “808s & Heartbreak,” Reid recalls telling Ye that this would be his most important album.

Having had worked with artists before the boom of social media, Reid breaks down the cons to overexposure on social platforms. Citing Adele as an example, he believes that keeping a certain level of secrecy is important to let the music tell the story of the person.

With his career still going strong, Reid rattles of Yo Gotti, Travis Scott and Future as artists he is keeping his eye on. Ending the interview on a light note, Reid recalls the time he and Diddy chartered a boat which turned into the biggest party of his life. Fronting the bill because the charter was in his name, Reid reveals that Diddy signs the papers now. Check out the full interview and grab a copy of L.A. Reid’s new book

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