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Podcast Alert : Millennial Lov3 Releases New Episode Now!

Millennial Lov3: Sex, Love & I’m Selfish AF!, (, is the brain child of Michele “Miché” Haley, Justin August, and Cara “Cara D.” Davis.  They are three millennials who aspire to be the voice for those millennials who may be struggling while navigating the complexities of friendships, relationships, and familyships, all while being selfish AF (as ALL millennials are).

Their goal is to be an outlet for the millennials who may feel lost, are unable to openly express their emotions, or who feel they aren’t doing enough in life right now.  Millennial Lov3 wants millennials to know that wherever you are in life, whatever you may be dealing with or have dealt with, its ok to be in this exact place at this exact moment, and to share some laughs along the way.

Episode 00 and 01 of Millennial Lov3,  are available now on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Google Play,

It’s so relatable, and they are hilarious!  You won’t regret tuning in!

Fans and listeners can reach Millennial Lov3 on their website: or via email at to give valued feedback and topic ideas for upcoming shows!  To listen every Sunday, visit their website or subscribe to us on iTunes, Soundcloud, & Google Play!  Episodes air every Sunday at 8pm!

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