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KendallKyndall : TV’s BestFran Opens Up on Rise to Fame


Interview By : JoAnn Emale 

If you are anything like me, you enjoy your weekly dose of VH1 hit series like, Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, and various dating shows on the channel for years. I always had the most fun watching the shows when I was with my girls, sitting on the couch, sipping wine, and rewinding to catch the funniest moments on replay.

As you get older and the real world sets in, finding time to link up with your friends to watch a weekly show can be a bit difficult. One day, I was working overtime at work and could not wait to get home. So I turned to Instagram and looked up the #LoveandHipHop. What I was pleasantly surprised to find was a handsome young fellow, with a contagious laugh, and even funnier commentary about the show.

Within 3 one minute videos, I quickly decided he was someone I needed to follow. Not only because I was not ready for the laughs to end, but because he truly embodied the spirit of one of your “best frans”.  The individual I am talking about is Andre Kendall. If you are not one of the 100K and growing followers that follow this rising star, you are truly missing out on a solid laugh, genuine advice, and a heck of a mini cooking show if I do say so myself. I had the pleasure of interviewing my “Best Fran” right before he went on air to give you all another hilarious moment after moment commentary of the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode. Here is what I learned about everyone’s new found best fran:

How did you get started making the Instagram videos?

I came home from work and sat on my couch and I decided to watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Within a few minutes I died laughing! It was one of those moments when you ask yourself was I the only one who saw that? Since I live by myself, I decided to record my reaction, and I don’t know what inclined me to hashtag Love and Hip Hop, but I did. Next thing you know, my phone is jumping with comments and views.

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How fast was the growth in your video responses?

Before I began hashtagging my videos, I had about 700 followers, within 3 days of doing videos, my followers jumped to 3,000 and it just has been growing at rapid rates ever since.

Where did the “Best Fran” slogan come from?

A lot of my new found followers began writing in the comment section and messaging me saying I reminded me of their best friends.  It kind of took a life of its own. I appreciate being called that because that means that they are really connecting with me. I am just being myself and the fact so many people appreciate me enough to call me that is pretty lit.

What do you do in your everyday life and where are you from?

I am from Flint, Michigan and if anyone knows about Flint, it is not very big city. I moved to Detroit to get a different feel for what it is like in a bigger city with a bit more opportunity. I want to move to LA when the time is right, but Detroit was my first stop. I love to go out for happy hour, travel, and of course engage with all my Best Frans via social media.

How do you feel when connecting with best frans about issues that they face?

Best Frans began hitting me up in my DMs, some just to see if I’ll respond, and some asking for genuine advice.  I figured I might as well not only write them back, but if I can put a video up to spread a message I will. Because chances are they aren’t the only ones going through the issues at the time by themselves. I try to communicate with everyone who reaches out to me, because I could potentially help prevent them from a tough situation they are facing.  Most advice I give is either from experience, or from watching a loved one go through it. But disclaimer everything I say is a suggestions! You ultimately have to make your own decision, but the fact they even trusted me enough to come to me in the first place is what having a best friend is about.

So back to the couch, what is your favorite series on VH1 to do commentary over?

I began doing commentary of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, but I think my favorite is Atlanta. They are just a fool with it week after week. I will be doing commentary over Basketball Wives LA once the series gets deeper into their story lines.

How do you have such great comedic timing?

Working in HR causes you to be very detail oriented. I just pay attention and have fun with it.

What do you think is to come from you newfound Instagram popularity?

You know how you wonder where you get the ideas, or feelings to go for something? I never would have thought that using a hashtag could change my life. That feeling is truly nothing, but God directing your life. I hope I can maybe get a call from Mona Scott to do some real time commentary over the show, or be added to VH1 Live. Ultimately entertaining people via film, or television is the ultimate goal for me. Whatever happens I am open to it!


What do the Best Frans have to look forward to?

More laughs, advice, and cooking! Now that my brand is gaining momentum, I want to expand the KendallKyndall brand to include shirts, meet and greets, and more. I can’t wait for what’s to come.  Just know it’s gonna be lit.

Where can we follow you on social media?

@KendallKyndall on Instagram and Twitter #BestFran #KendallKyndall #VH1 #LoveandHipHop

I must say, after my time with Kendall, he is truly everything you get in the videos. He is genuine, authentic, real, and beyond funny! Our interview was mostly filled with laughter and banter and I could not have had a better time getting to know our Best Fran!

Be on the lookout for when his T-shirts drop. Let’s support this star in the making. I have a funny feeling we will be seeing him on more than just Instagram soon enough!


Thank you Kendall!

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