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SkewU Wins 1st Place for Flavor at City Men Cook Event of Dallas

City Men Cook

Women are no longer the only members of the family that are responsible for cooking – men are setting a new standard for households worldwide. Especially in the city of Dallas, as the 16th annual event of City Men Cook proved on Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016 at Gilly’s Downtown. “The event is created to showcase male chefs on Father’s Day and let the women enjoy being fed/catered for a day”, stated Andrew Howard from our favorite group of male caterers, SkewU. The team of men has continued to exhibit astounding progress, and this event was just another accomplishment along the journey.

As their first attendance in the City Men Cook events, SkewU began with bang! Winning first place for their homemade meatballs, the team was completely unaware that they were even being judged. With over 500 people in attendance, and 25+ competitors, SkewU took home a 32 inch flat screen television for their explosive flavor in their meatball dish.

I asked the team a few brief questions on the event, and what this meant to them. Check out the questions and responses below.

Q: Congrats on taking home first place! I know you all won a flat screen, could you elaborate on the dimensions? What did this win mean to the team?

A: Yes, we won a 32′ inch flat screen television. This win meant a lot for the team as we were unaware that we we’re even being judged. Out of 25+ chefs, I believe we were the youngest and most inexperienced among the group, so we feel great about our accomplishment.

Q: The first place prize was specifically for the flavor of your homemade meatballs – could you elaborate on the taste of these? Is that one of the teams secret weapons?

A: Our homemade teriyaki meatballs are 100% all beef. We make our teriyaki from scratch w/grape jelly, red pepper flakes, bbq sauce, and our secret ingredient (we’ll never tell), but you got 3/4 of the recipe. The meatballs are simple, but definitely an explosive weapon when it comes to taste.

Q: Was this the first attending in the City Men Cook event? Was this one that you were selected to be in or sent request for?

A: This was SkewU’s first time attending the event but this was their 16th annual event so it’s a staple in the city of Dallas for male chefs all over. We will definitely be back next year. A representative from the event reached out to us, but we did have to pay for a vendor spot/table. However, we were able to sell tickets and make our money back, plus some.

Q: If you can, describe the City Men Cook event and what value it brought to the journey of SkewU.

A: The event is created to showcase male chefs on Father’s Day and let the women in the city enjoy being fed/catered to for a day. I would estimate 500+ people in attendance so it definitely  promoted and got our company name out there, especially being first place winners for taste.

Q: We’ve all witnessed your growth and maturity as a business in graceful light – if you could describe one reason why you’ve all kept going, what would it be?

A: The Journey itself has kept us going. The ups, downs, and opportunities, from the smiles we create to the legacy and blueprint we’re leaving for up and coming entrepreneurs. We’ve found that staying true to the process can be very rewarding.


Congratulate SkewU on their recent accomplishment, and book them for your next event!

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