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WATCH: Trap Kitchen Stops By the Breakfast Club

By Taryn Finley

Two gang members from rival hoods have joined forces to prove that trapping can be a legitimate come up. 

Malachi “Spankihanas” Jenkins, a Crip and culinary school dropout, and Roberto “News” Smith, a Blood, are the masterminds behind Trap Kitchen LA, an underground restaurant in Compton that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. 

“We needed a lick, we both needed some money,” Jenkins told The Huffington Post. The duo talked about returning to hustling, but were determined to earn an honest living instead. Jenkins, who attended culinary school in Las Vegas, said he knew it was time to pair his street smarts with business and opened the kitchen for business in 2013.

“That’s when we put our heads together to create Trap Kitchen.”

Jenkins posts the daily menu on Instagram for customers to call or text their orders for either pick up or delivery. The duo serve everything from barbecue and soul food plates to steak and shrimp dinners and, their most popular menu item, “The Deadliest Catch.” 

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