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4 Simple Photography Tips for Great Social Media Content

Photos are an integral part of social media content, and if you are aiming to make a big splash on any platform – your photography needs to be spot on. The good news is that you don’t need to have the photography chops of a professional, but rather can focus on the basics and still snap some impressive photos for social media.

If you’d like to up your game and start taking better photos for social media, here are four tips that will go a long way:

  • Get up close rather than using the zoom

When you ‘zoom in’ to a photo its quality immediately dips, which is why it is always best to get physically closer instead. On social media getting close can be especially potent, as it will allow you to fill the frame with your subject and make sure the viewer is completely focused on it.

  • Find the light

For the best quality you should try to snap photos that are brightly lit, but at the same time make sure that the source of that light isn’t in the frame. Over time you will start to get a better feel for how light can interact with the elements in your photo, and learn how to use that to your advantage.

  • Understand the size that you’re working with

Every social media platform is slightly different when it comes to the size of the photos that they display. Depending on the platform that you intend to use you should find out the size of the frame, and keep it in mind when you’re framing your photo. In some cases you may want to crop the photo after the fact with a photo editor.

  • Experiment and think outside the box

Often photos stand out more on social media when the photographer thinks outside the box. One way to do this is by shooting from different angles, and getting really low or really high to give the photo a unique perspective. Frankly it doesn’t matter what you try – but rather that you try it in the first place.

Armed with these tips you should be able to up the ante and start taking much better photos. As you start to get a better sense of how to frame your shots, your photography should begin to turn heads on social media and make the impact that you’d like.

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