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You launched your website, so now what’s next? This week we saw many brands, websites and project announcements from our online peers and you may be one of them.

Your ideas, goals and dreams from last year are finally manifesting itself and you’re ready to conquer 2017.

I’m not going to give you a step by step for how to launch anything, because what I did took trial and error until something finally worked for me. The launch is the easy part. Keeping your project or business alive is the tough part and you’ll soon learn with a few U-turns on your journey it will all fall into place. Here are some tips that will help you make it through the year:

Quality Over Quantity
Content is king and many bloggers will tell you to be consistent which is true, but that doesn’t mean you need to slap together three SEO click-bait posts each week. Readers want thoughtful content, so if you can only churn out one great post each week then you’re fulfilling your purpose. Same goes for online workshops and seminars as well as merchandise. Churning out meaningless workshops and seminars for a buck defeats your purpose of trying to help and coach others. Take your time to develop noteworthy programs, content and merchandise to help build your value and expertise. Your followers will thank you for it.


Find Your Voice & Don’t Mimick Your Peers
So what’s the gem or nugget that made you want to launch a brand or business? Having a website, business and brand is the new wave. It’s become trendy, but what many people lack is the passion and purpose for why they decided to start on this new venture. Lacking purpose can leave you feeling unmotivated when things get tough. It can also make you voiceless and inauthentic, as you try to keep up with the Joneses and mimick your peers and their formulas for success. Staying true to your purpose for launching your brand will help establish your voice and authenticity. Your purpose will stand out from the crowd and help you stand apart and grow your engagement, readers and consumers.


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