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6 Smart Home Trends Worth-Watching in 2018

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By : Alyssa

Living in a smart home is no longer surprising today. In the first trimester of 2018, people have witnessed a lot of new smart home devices that really changed the face of the home automation industry.

With these innovative solutions and products, different Smart Home News all over the globe state that there are more to come this year that are much more enticing and worthier of the attention. Here are the latest trends that you will surely see in no time this year:

  1. Temperature Management

Ecobee and Nest are the two big names that are prominent in the temperature management and motion sensor systems. In the previous years, these two names continued to offer different innovative solutions. Each has its own distinct features that make them great in the industry. But in 2018, Ecobee will be much more anticipated due to its Ecobee4 which mainly has an Amazon Echo inside.

  1. Hands-Free Homes

2018 can be considered to be the year of integration in the field of smart home technology. It is seen that this year, almost all of the available appliances in the market will be available for wider connectivity. This means that appliances can communicate with one another and function proactively by anticipating the needs of the owners. Also, appliances can be much more controlled by simply using smartphone applications and systems.

  1. Voice Assistance in Everything

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are known to be the voice assistants of today. As the year emerges, there are no known new additions to these voices (except for Alexa) but features and controls of these assistants are further expanded. It is seen that there will be a huge development on cloud integrations with these voice assistants and other smart products.

In these developments, it is now made possible to control almost everything through Apple’s Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant if smart products are efficiently connected to the internet.

  1. New Ways To Control Your Home

Amazon’s Alexa is the current crown bearer in the league of voice assistants. In 2017, Amazon has released new features of the product which offer a lot of convenience to every user and homeowner. Today, it is predicted that Alexa will offer much more than this. For instance, Alexa will open the door for you if you tell her to especially when your hands are full.

  1. Smart Home Security Suits

Smart home security systems may probably be considered as the first products to cover the entire home automation industry. As the new year enters, consumers will enjoy much more DIY home security systems that are equipped with innovative solutions and high-tech features.

Honeywell Smart Home Security System is one of the most awaited products on the line. The cameras of this system can alert homeowners when a package has arrived or when a kid got out of the school bus. Blink Video Doorbell can be also seen anytime soon in the market. The product is known to offer an unrivaled two years of battery life.

  1. High-Tech Entertainment

In the previous years, the only apparent drawback of utilizing smart home products and systems are the connectivity issues. Each homeowner knows that there is always a “dead spot” since routers have its own limits. But today, it appears that Qualcomm and other router giants in the industry have already come up with a solution.

There will be a center router which can be placed centrally in every home. Alongside this, there will be several connectivity beacons that can be distributed all over the house to ensure the quality of the connection and to make sure that there will no longer be dead spots. Hence, Netflix and gaming apps will be much more enjoyed anywhere in the house.

While most of these products are not yet readily available in the market, it is pretty much anticipated to be released anytime soon. And certainly, these products are worth the wait!

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