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How to Get the Best Aftermarket Care for Your New Smartphone

We all know that phones can cost incredible amounts of money. A new iPhone can be upwards of almost $1000 for the latest model with 256GB of storage space, so if you’re going to splash on a new phone you better make sure you’re also getting excellent aftermarket care.

Aftermarket care just refers to products and services you can turn to after you buy your phone. For example, a quick Google search of “phone repair near me” will return dozens of phone repair services in your area. This is a form of aftermarket care, and it’s one of the most common services we turn to when our phones aren’t working correctly. However, there are many other products and services we can buy to improve the quality, lifespan and safety of our phones.

Warranty Plan

Most phones come with some form of warranty, so it’s important that you check your phone manufacturer to know how long your warranty lasts for and if you need to register your device or send them an email to activate it. For example, in addition to the iPhone’s limited warranty, Apple offers an AppleCare+ service that costs $130 and covers the iPhone, one battery replacement and coverage for up to two accidents, and you also need to pay service fees depending on the type of damage. While it can be a large amount of money to swallow for a service that you might not use, it’s better than buying a new phone.


A New Case

Phones can come with a wide variety of accessories, but one of the most useful is a sturdy case. There are lots of different cases that can protect your phone from drop damage, dirt and sometimes even rain. They add a bit of weight to your phone and can cost anywhere from $50 and $100 for a good model, but it’s worth investment if you want to prolong the life of your phone. While it might feel a little bigger in your pocket, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you accidentally drop your phone and it still works. Many smartphones are incredibly fragile and even the slightest drop can smash the screen or damage the internal parts beyond repair.

Extended Battery
Batteries are one of the most commonly replaced parts of a phone. Running lots of phone apps and keeping the screen’s brightness on max can drain the battery extremely quickly. Not only can they end up breaking and leaking due to physical damage, but improper usage can lead to poor battery life which can reduce your phone’s life to a mere few hours. A battery replacement is usually needed on a regular basis because many people don’t correctly use their chargers and fail to keep their phone battery healthy. You can buy high capacity batteries that stick out a little (this might make your phone incompatible with some cases) but they offer more life than the stock battery, so it’s a good idea to keep a few spare batteries charged if you travel a lot.

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