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There’s An App For That! Why Do Big Businesses Use Mobile Apps?

With Smartphones ever on the rise, and technology improving every single day, the modern world can be a confusing place. Even companies that don’t sell anything through an app will often still have an app. In the past, this would seem like a big waste of money. But, the reasoning behind keeping an app running makes sense once you’ve read it. So, to help you understand why businesses use apps for anything other than selling, this post is here.


Most people are happy to install apps on there phone on an impulse. It doesn’t matter about the space it uses because it can be easily removed at a later date. But, the majority will rarely delete an app they’ve recently installed. Instead, it will usually sit, waiting for the day when the user has run out of storage space. Until that time, the app acts as an advert that the user may think they’re ignoring. But, seeing a logo every time they enter their menu will force them to remember a company. Some users, although their numbers could be limited, will actually use the app that a business creates on a regular basis. These apps are usually simple tools or games, designed to be cheap to make and easy to use. The more useful the tool or fun the game is; the more likely it is that people will use the app. Different companies will use different approaches to this. Some will go for the cheapest option and hope that it pays off. Others will invest more into their app, with the hope of a higher return.

Advertising… Reversed

The idea of a company advertising for another one is a bit weird, right? But, think about it. Most of the websites that you visit have adverts on them, even if they’re discrete. Adverts on websites are used by companies to gain additional income. Each time an advert is clicked, the company hosting it will earn a small amount of money. When the website has a lot of users, this money can be significant. In fact, companies like Google and Facebook made their fortunes almost entirely through advertising. The same logic can apply to a mobile app. In most cases, you’ll even get more clicks on a mobile app’s advert that it’s counterpart found on a website. A lot of this is because of accidental clicks. But, they still provide a payout.

Mobile application development is relatively cheap if you use the right options. And, it can benefit most businesses. Whether it’s to give you company a better online presence or to make money through advertising, it’s an easy way to make yourself more relevant. Today’s markets are dominated by companies that use technology effectively and well.

Hopefully, this will help you to understand why companies use apps, even if they don’t really need them. If you decide to build an app for your own company, it’s best to do plenty of research beforehand. There are loads of options out there, and loads of methods you can use to create. But, it never hurts to seek professional advice.

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