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Check out the New Fitness App ITA Movement

 Terrell, former European basketball player turned personal trainer, from Brooklyn, NY. Created the ‘I Train Athletes Movement’ app to connect with fitness enthusiast across the world.

The concept of the app started when his clients asked him for workouts that they can do on days the don’t train, and  friends and family from other cities asked him to write out plans for them.

“The toughest part was writing out these plans using the technical name for exercises, and my clients having no idea what the exercise were.” says Terrell.

It got to the point that he not only had to write out how to do exercises, but he started taking videos of the proper way to do them.

The membership allows you to  get various workouts sent you regularly, everything from in-home work outs with no equipment to high intensity workouts that you can do at any gym. Each workout comes with a written description and video demonstration on how to properly execute each exercise. You will also be able to track your progress, track your nutrition, and even connect to your FitBit. No matter what level of fitness or where you’re at in the world you can experience the I.T.A. movement.

You have two membership options. The first is the “Fundamental” membership which is various workouts that you can do without any equipment and also various band workouts.
The other option is the “Gym” Membership which is various workouts that you can do in home if you have equipment or at any local gym.
Try out the 1st month for just $9.99 with promo code “itamovement”. Contact for more information. 
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