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Grown-up Tech Toys for Getting in Touch with Your Inner Child

When you become an adult, you’re expected to give up childish things. But as any sensible adult knows, it’s important to remain in touch with your inner child. Parents get to have plenty of fun with their kids, doing silly things. So why shouldn’t any adult get to play with things on their own, without needing a child as an excuse? In fact, there are lots of toys designed for adults only, that are too expensive or too complicated for children. If you love having a bit of fun with some grown-up toys, there are some great products you can try.

Ride-on Toys

Children get to ride around on all sorts of things, from scooters to skateboards. But when you’re an adult, you’re expected to walk if you’re not driving or taking public transport. Having a ride-on “toy” is much more fun, and can get you to your destination faster too. Of all of these, the Segway is perhaps the most famous example. Many people may not see it as a toy, but it (and other items like it) is often seen as such as a matter of law. You sometimes can’t take these toys on either roads or sidewalks, but you can use them on private land.


Drones and rotorcopters have been getting steadily more popular over the years. Everyone likes the idea of flying something and having complete control over it. Plus, many of them will take photos or video while you fly them. They can come in many different sizes, so you can enjoy a large or small one. However, there are some maintenance issues too. You’ll need to keep the battery charged with a LiPo battery charger or something similar. The technique they demonstrate should keep batteries charged to ensure that play can continue for longer.



High-tech Board Games


Everyone has played some kind of board game growing up. They range from Scrabble to Monopoly. Plenty of adults enjoy a good board game too, and not having kids playing allows you to play something more complicated. One of the best things to come to board games in recent years is those augmented by technology. Board games can be connected to tablets and other gadgets to make them more exciting and interactive. For example, there’s XCOM, which comes with an app. Tabletop games come in all sorts of configurations, with new themes and concepts coming out all the time.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The idea of virtual reality games has also been one that fascinated people. But perhaps many of us thought they might not exist for a while yet. Luckily, they’re already here, and they’re getting better (and cheaper). You can get a number of headsets that suit different budgets with a variety of fun games. If you want to be more involved in a video game than ever, a VR headset is the way to do it.


Toys aren’t just for children. Any adults that like having fun and getting in touch with their inner child can enjoy them too.

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