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How To Take a Healthy Technology Detox

In the modern age of smartphones, tablets and advanced technology it can sometimes be hard to get away from it all. Do you ever feel like you need a break from scrolling through facebook or watching the T.V? Well, when you next get a few days off why don’t you try it. There are many options available for you to detox and it can be a great experience, you can really test your own strength by seeing if you can go without modern day luxuries.


Take A Detox Holiday


That’s right, there are specific holidays which cater to people wanting to detox completely. Just put in where you would like to stay, for how long and in what conditions and a holiday will be generated for you. You can change the type of holiday too, choosing either a relaxing beach type holiday or an active holiday. It can be a great way to reconnect with your family. The hotels on offer all offer digital detox rooms, it’s just whether you can kick the digital habit.


Go Camping


You can do it yourself too, especially if you live somewhere near national parks or areas full of nature. You can even make a holiday of it if you fancied something new, such as a trip to Norway where camping is pretty much ingrained in national identity. You won’t find WI-FI out in the snow, but you will find a scenic winter wonderland perfection, just be sure to take the right survival gear. Of course you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy a bit of camping, but being somewhere new always helps with the detox.

Try A Survival Challenge


If you’re more of an adventurer and want something a bit more in depth then you can try a survival challenge. Belize offers a course like none other. Where you can be trained up and learn how to survive on an island before being left on one to fend for yourself. It’s pretty daunting, but it can be the ultimate in digital detox, where it’s just you, nature, and your recently acquired survival skills. You’ll be kept busy by hunting, the beautiful vistas and corals and making your own fire.


Lock It Away


Of course, you don’t need to really do anything like this if you really want a digital detox. If you go on a holiday, any type of holiday, just lock your phones in the safe and be done with it. The excursions and the new area will be enough for you. Try taking a book or two, it should keep your mind off your phone and don’t ask for the WI-FI password. You don’t need to even go on holiday, although it would be easier. These days, you can buy a box in which you can lock your phone and other gadgets for a set period of time. It’s great for taking little detox breaks and can really help you if you know you’ll just end up reaching for your phone if you try to stay off it.

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