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Launching Contemporary Mobile Apps for Your High End Website

By: Jann Chambers

Mobile applications have soared in popularity over the last few years. Not only are more companies embracing the platform, but there have been plenty of advancements made as well. If you are considering launching a mobile app, this blog post is just for you.

Not only will you be presented with the benefits of mobile apps for your website, but you will also be given some top tips on how to launch a contemporary app.

After all, you need to make sure you are up to date on what works and what does not if you want the app to benefit your high-end website and your business on the whole.

What are the benefits of launching a mobile app?

  •             Attract New Customers – You will evidently need to market your new mobile app. Therefore, your app may reach customers that your website may not have. It provides a great way of introducing new people to your brand.
  •             Build a Loyal Customer Base – A mobile app provides you with another platform for reinforcing the relationships you already have with current consumers. It is not always about attracting new customers, you have to keep your current ones happy, or otherwise, they will end up looking elsewhere.
  •             Direct and Personal Connection with the Consumer – An app is considered to be more personal, as it requires personal attention and is displayed on an individual’s mobile phone throughout unless uninstalled. Therefore, its impact may be a lot more effective.
  •             Increase Sales – Not only does an app present another medium for purchasing products, it is also a great way to gift special offers and coupons. Most people are more inclined to download an app if it saves them money. This is something you can use to your disposal. You are giving the customer a great incentive for downloading your app and in turn, they will be keen on making a purchase from your business.

What makes a successful contemporary app?

  •             Ability to Work Offline – This is really taking off at the moment. More and more companies are improving their apps so that they have the capability to work offline. The best example of the effectiveness of this feature can be felt when you are travelling. Providing someone with the ability to use your app whilst on a plane can be extremely beneficial. Not only will it guarantee the popularity of your app, but customer satisfaction will also be enhanced.
  •             Security – Imagine, you are building a house of glass with transparent walls and doors. How safe would you feel inside that type of house? Security of a mobile app is as crucial as your house security. An app without strong authentication, encryption, and secure data management features is a fragile house made of glass. Safe storage of data, business process details, reports, and financial information is a must. Before launching your mobile app in the app store, make sure there are specific essential security frameworks in action.
  •             Fast performance – Another important element of any app and website for that matter is performance. Not only does this impact how people receive your app but also how it ranks in the app store. Read reviews to find out about the best way to host your app, and look for other ways to speed it up as well, for example, resizing and compressing images and cutting down on features that are not necessary.
  •             Device Compatibility – There are many different devices available, as well as an array of operating systems. An app, which is compatible across an array of multiple computing platforms, is going to be much more successful.
  •             User Experience – With the variety of devices and screens’ resolutions, mobile apps developers have to agree with the fact that porting is not nearly enough. To make the app look intuitive and native, the UX/UI should be made specifically for the device under consideration. Try not to port and make the mobile app the same style as your desktop app. Be agile. Start with basic functionality, deploy the app, listen to your employees’ feedbacks and add features one by one. Short iterations of the mobile development process allow you to be flexible with your wishes and needs.
  •             Social Capabilities – The impact of social media is huge. By integrating social networks with your app you can heighten the effect of both. Integration is essential for success in the modern day – platforms can no longer stand alone.
  •             Measurement – On a final note, once your app has been created the job does not end there. You need to keep tracking and measuring the success of it so that you can identify problem areas and make improvements. Technology is evolving on a daily basis and you must evolve with it if you want your app to be contemporary and effective.

To conclude, it is quite clear that launching a mobile app can be extremely advantageous for your business. Who doesn’t want to attract new customers? Keep the current consumer base loyal? And increase sales?

Nonetheless, make sure you use the tips regarding creating a contemporary and successful app to be certain that your app is going to have the impact you are hoping for.


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