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Main Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Written by: Joseph McLean

Some of the most popular trends include blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, automation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, intelligent apps, humanized data, on-demand services, user and customer experience, and software-defined security. Here is a quick review of all of them. If you have any additional comments or feedback that you’ll like to share, do not hesitate to contact us. Nowadays, we use technology far more intensely than we used to back in the days, a fact that has impacted our lives tremendously over the years. Since the technological world is continuously expanding, we must keep up with the latest upgrades if we want to stay updated on the newest technological advancements and thus, become part of the era that we are living in. Technology changes quickly, yet we can predict the modifications and revisions that are bound to come. It is important therefore to take a look into the expected trends and see what 2020 will bring us.

  1. Robotic Process Automation

Based on Artificial Intelligence, RPA is used as an internal app programming interface for businesses. Instead of relying on human performance, we will be slowly switching to machines, robots, and thus, automated services and content. However, automation does not come to replace humans completely, as we still need an emotional/real component of our work. However, when automation comes paired with machine learning, we might feel like robots have taken over the business environment; this will, in turn, create more opportunities for further b2b expansion and overall market development.

2.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With new inventions and creative technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are perfect to generate new, outstanding content and lead the market into a quickly growing business scene. When there are so many opportunities to make (and save!) money, there will be a flow of ideas moving across countries, which will create the perfect setting for increasing personal brand stability and transparency. When everything seems to fall apart, everything actually falls into place.

In the past years, there has been a demand for an increase in ML automation among dating apps and web pages and e-commerce portals. However, social media platforms play another significant role in this equation, so we must not forget about them either, as that’s the next thing AI is going for.

3. AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will also be trending in 2020 since we have already seen an increase in these services in 2019. User feedback is crucial when assessing the technologies’ productivity; yet rates show an overwhelmingly positive user response with the launch of the new Oculus Rift, according to paper writing services reviews from 2019. This has led the way to increased use of these virtual and augmented technologies, making room for more VR-based apps and games. For example, with the release of the new Pokémon Go, the gaming experience has changed; today, teenagers (and not only!) expect more from gaming than they used to; thus, we will see the supply closely following the demand. Therefore, an increased number of VR-based online tools and games are expected to become available in 2020.

4. Intelligent Apps

The need for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) is also bound to increase in 2020, as the number of remote workers is also expected to increase in the following year. As of now, 16% of all companies worldwide hire remote workers, while by this year, the number of people working online has increased by 140% since 2015, according to Global Workplace Analytics. With the workplace becoming more interactive and active, we will see an increase in the need for effective communication, which means that a wider number of companies will be prone to hiring PDAs or intelligent applications to do their work and communicate their marketing packages loud and clearly. This will enhance customer experience – more on this topic on point (7).

5.Humanized Big Data

Even if AI will be the major tool used for marketing next year, that does not mean that humans won’t have a say in all the important updates. Robots are not humans, robots need humans to function. Thus, it’s quite important to mention that empathy and emotional input are two essential qualities highly regarded in the business world. As we collect more and more data about our customers, we become more knowledgeable about what they need; however, without a well-prepared marketing plan, we will never be able to deliver these supplies properly. We need promotion strategies that only humans can provide by assessing the big data and then using it in a successful manner. In the end, the amount of information that we have access to must not remain unused or untouched; it should rather become part of the business visualization strategy that any business needs to implement.

6. On-demand Services

We will also see an increase in apps such as Uber, Airbnb, or Twiggy, as well as Lyft or Uber Eats – that’s because people have become more comfortable with moving less and delegating tasks to third parties.” Instead of dwelling into the problem, people choose to let other helpful services deal with these stressors, thus making their lives easier; in the end, everything is at their fingertips, so there’s no need to move around as much or confront issues they do not want to engage in,” best essay writers IT coordinator, David Wallace.

While in the past the on-demand services were restricted to regional locations, nowadays everybody can access the necessary tools to delegate rather than actively pursue. In a nutshell: more comfort, less stress, increased reliability, and a healthier marketing strategy.

7. User and Customer Experience (UX/CX)

Business success is strongly correlated with positive user experience, so this will continue to increase business investments into digital transformation, relentlessly. The better the connectivity (5G for example), the more intuitive the interface and thus, the higher the profits. Related to the customer experience we might see the following upgrades in the online world:

  • Due to increased exposure to fake data, there will be an increased incentive for truth seeking posts and blogs. Political agendas will therefore become harder to implement. There will be less misled customers and more internet truth seekers, driving the economy in the right direction.
  • We will expect to see a quick rise of micro-communities (mostly online), where users can interact with each other, learn from each other, and keep conversations open on any issue at hand. There will be a higher conversational value attached to these communities and a wider range of information available for advice seekers.
  • Designers will become more proactive and involved in the community, providing valuable collaboration skills and working in teams rather than individually, looking at paper writing service reviews in 2019, like Assignment Help. They will collaborate with developers on ideas untouched upon before, developing a safer safe for creativity boosts.
  • There will be new product features available for almost anything on the market; most companies will try to solve problems by accepting more constructive feedback and delivering the expected outcomes.
  • We expect to see better information architecture as part of the foundational design for websites, blogs, etc., a fact that will solve other unexplored problems and reduce workload. New designers entering the field will be exposed to increased productivity and thus, trained to work faster and delve into concepts worth expanding upon.

8.Software-defined Security

Companies have started to be more and more preoccupied with data security and cybernetics. This gave them the opportunity to emerge as digital business and thus, grow correspondingly without fearing failure or exposure. Here are the key benefits to the SDS, according to insecurity magazine:

  • More centralized management of security to manage threats.
  • Efficient mitigation of these security threats and cyberattacks.
  • Hardware cost reduction by eliminating the need to buy and deploy vendor appliances.
  • The ability to use the already existing network appliances and thus, support advanced updates.
  • Dynamic configuration of companies’ network nodes as a prevention of attacks, as pre-configured policies will be integrated.
  • More visible information and thus, more diversified locations (that can be correlated).
  • The ability to integrate with new applications that run smoothly and simply.

9.Blockchains or Distributed Ledger Technology

The core value of blockchains is that they provide decentralized power and trust across a wide variety of untrusted network participants. Even though considered a database, blockchains are in fact a data source and will therefore not replace data management technologies any time soon. However, there have been many advancements in this area that have helped businesses over the past year, so DLT is predicted to go beyond its current use in 2020 (the banking sector), bringing a significant impact in start-ups and already established businesses.


While it’s true that assumptions are not always accurate, technology allows us to make sustainable guesses for the year to come. There may be additional trends emerging in 2020 besides the ones listed above, yet however, the ones that will capture your eye will definitely be the ones you’ve just read. To plan your business strategy accordingly, make sure you are on top of this list and stay updated constantly on the latest news. Good luck!

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Joseph McLean is a content freelance writer for blogs and social media posts, sometimes he works as an expert with assignment help and writing services, graduated from the University of Queensland. Throughout his career, he has advised about the best essay writing service, like Essay Writing UK and Custom Essay Help campaigns, writing successful blogs. In his spare time, you can find him jogging or meeting new people.

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