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[TECH MOVES] This Wearable LED Screen Is Mind-Blowing

Science fiction has filled all of our collective heads with dreams of what the future might be, while also being able to sometimes predict what technology will look like in the future. No, we still don’t have real hoverboards, but it’s probably time to let that one go already. We as a people keep reaching for the stars and that means that technology keeps advancing and getting cooler and cooler, sometimes even like Star Trek.

The latest in downright insane technological advancements has to bewearable, ultra-thin LEDs. At a cursory glance, it looks like one digit of a digital clock display on a hand with some plastic wrap on top of it, but the actual technology behind it is rather remarkable. Engadget reports the polymer LEDs are held onto the skin via a thin film, which acts as the display and is 3 micrometers thick, meaning that it’s incredibly thin.

While still crude, once a technology like this comes to be, advancements tend to happen rapidly, and without a doubt this could be something that revolutionizes how we interact with the world around us. It could at least change the way that we consume content and listlessly scroll through our Facebook feeds, which is all that we can really ask for right now. This is at least one step closer to a Mass Effect-ish omni-tool, which makes it even cooler.

(Via Engadget)

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