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[Tech News] Sony To Make PlayStation Games For Mobile Devices

Not long after it became apparent that Nintendo has a hit on its hands with its new mobile game, Sony has announced that it has created a new business unit that’s going to bring PlayStation games and IP to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android.

The new unit is called Forward Works and Atsushi Morita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s head in Asia and Japan will lead Forward Works. Forward Works will officially start functioning from April 1st, the date might be a coincidence because it doesn’t seem like Sony is pulling an early April Fools joke on us. April 1st is also the day Sony Computer Entertainment becomes Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Miitomo is Nintendo’s first mobile game which was released a couple of weeks ago. It received a good response at launch and has been performing well since. Sony would certainly be hoping for a similar response for its mobile titles.

The company said in its announcement today that it’s PlayStation mobile titles will be “full-fledged,” which is something that gamers might appreciate, so they’ll certainly be looking forward to see what Sony comes up with.

Sony hasn’t said yet when we can expect Forward Works to deliver its first mobile title compatible with iOS and Android devices, it’s understandably going to take some time before one comes out. Source: ubergizmo

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