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[Tech News] How to See If Someone Is Mooching Off Your Netflix Account

Torrents Time is a plugin that lets you stream torrents of movie and TV shows directly in your web browser, without using outside software, but it might leave you open to attack.

Torrents Time was built by the people who made Popcorn Time, and their new web browser plugin can make streaming from torrent sites like The Pirate Bay as easy as watching Netflix. In other words, if Popcorn Time was the “Netflix for pirated movies,” Torrents Time lets any torrent site become its own pirate Netflix kingdom.

But Torrent Time’s ease of use might come at a price, according to Gizmodo. Gizmodo points out that developer Andrew Sampson, and people on the /r/Piracy subreddit, have raised concerns that Torrent Time’s code has some major security holes. These critics claim these flaws could not only let outsiders interfere with the data you are downloading using the plugin, but also potentially reveal your IP address in the process.

Torrents Time has fired back, calling Sampson’s analysis bogus. “Despite Sampson’s hollow statements, Torrents Time does not enable attackers to control your computer! It’s safe, user-friendly and fun,” the team wrote, according to The Next Web.

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