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The Past & Future of Learning Technology

Technology and, in particular, learning technology is always evolving and changing. It has come a long way since the 1920s when an automatic teacher was involved. The 1960s brought with it the first-ever computer-based training programs and quickly using the Internet for learning, training, and everyday questions became more common and abundant. With the shift to online learning and the Internet, there was a major takeoff of “cloud computing” as a concept. In 2008, was the rise of the MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, that are free of charge and available to anyone looking to learn and take in new information. Then in 2014 came the emergence of mobile apps from games and social networks to other uses for both personal and business affairs. The rise of MOOCs was impressive and highly popular and sought-after by many looking to take advantage of the 40 partner universities and over 16,000 courses to choose from. Students who performed well in these courses were even being scouted out by potential future employers and recruited to work for them. There is also a charged or subscription version of courses called LAAS that soon popped to compete with MOOCs. The advantages are that they’re more collaborative and directed in nature and have better engagement and completion rates. Today, you may want to be on the lookout for even more innovative and up-and-coming learning solutions that have to do with AI and other virtual spaces. It’s especially pertinent these days since more and more students and employees are working remotely. It’s important to learn about and take advantage of these innovations so you can get and stay ahead in your career.
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