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How Underwater Cables Bring High Speed Internet to West Africa

Whilst there is no denying that technology is innovating and developing at rapid speeds, there is also no denying the fact that some countries are benefitting from this more than others. Nevertheless, there are mass attempts for this gap to be bridged, and this is displayed no better than via the underwater cables that stretch from Europe to Africa. These bring high-speed internet to Africa and thus they make everything from emailing friends to watching cable TV a lot easier.

What is the Main One Cable?

‘Main One Cable’ stretches approximately seven thousand kilometers across the coastline of Africa. It went live for the very first time in the summer of 2010. July marks a decade of it being in existence. It links all of Western Africa with Europe and the purpose of this is, of course, to bring high-speed internet to Africa. The cable runs through the likes of the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Canary Islands, and Senegal.

Huge possibilities on various scales

These underwater cables already have done and will continue to bring huge possibilities to West Africa  (Xfinity internet is an example of vastly supreme speed in the U.S). This is in relation to individuals, businesses, and the continent as a whole.

Benefits to individuals

Individuals will experience more convenience through online shopping. They will also benefit from improved leisure activities; from online gaming to better cable TV options. Thanks to high-speed internet cable TV doesn’t have to be expensive. This showcases how living costs can also be slashed in the continent as well.

Knowledge-based society

This cable will bring much more knowledge to Africa. There will be improved education possibilities. Children and adults alike will have access to a wealth of educational courses and resources. This will, of course, lead to better social awareness and improved business opportunities for individuals.

Increased jobs

The cable has undoubtedly brought more jobs to Africa and it will continue to do so. Of course, the internet itself brings increased jobs in the field of technology but it also indirectly brings other job opportunities too. Click here to discover more about managed services and the type of help that is available in this regard.

Massive business opportunities

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this cable is the wealth of opportunities it will bring to businesses. African companies now have the opportunity to make global connections. They will have the possibility to connect with possible investors and customers all over the world. This is guaranteed to see African businesses soar and the economy as a whole improve.

There’s still a long way to go…

The improvements are vast, yet there is still a long way to go. But every step forward is a step in the right decoration. Africa still needs to overcome slow connectivity issues and the rather large costs that are associated with it. The cables have gone a long way to improve speeds and costs in some areas. 

The groundbreaking underwater cables have brought high-speed internet and all the benefits that come with it to Africa. This innovative technology is assured to be the start of fantastic things for the continent. Expect to see internet speeds increase and costs lower even further in the future.

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