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Unexpected Downsides Of Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles have been in the news for a long time now and, by and large, the coverage that they receive is positive. There’s the occasional worrisome story about the complexity of the technology, but rarely are the potential consequences of self-driving vehicles truly investigated. Read on to learn more about the unexpected downsides of the forthcoming self-driving revolution…


Everything will need to change


Self-driving vehicles are not going to be able to take the roads as they are today. Huge investments in infrastructure will be required to adapt to automated vehicles, and the huge scope of the changes required could mean they take years to implement.


The potential for hackers


It might sound like a sci-fi movie, but it could be a reality; self-driving cars may well be hackable. While developers of self-driving cars are taking this issue seriously, the concept is a barrier that the automation industry will need to guarantee against should self-driving cars become publicly available in future.


Loss of jobs


Taxi drivers, truck drivers, delivery drivers… the list of potential redundancies caused by driving-cars could be substantial. These jobs will not be easily replaced, and many former drivers will have spent large sums of money to qualify for a job that no longer exists.


The loss of key industries


As this infographic shows, the motorcycle industry believes that automation poses a particular threat to businesses that are already struggling. If you want to find out more about the threat automation poses to the motorcycle industry, then infographic should contain everything you need to know…

Infographic Design by Solomoto

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