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20 Tips On Surviving Your First Year In NYC

Author : Alexis Coats ||

Taylor Swift had the right idea. Drop it all and move to NYC. Of course she probably took a private jet to move here, upon landing arriving to a fully furnished unthinkable loft, with a walk in closet the size of Tennessee. For the rest of us regular folk, moving to the big apple probably wasn’t an easy feat.

I moved right after graduating college, with just a few suitcases in hand, and to a tiny ass room that barely fit my air mattress. Yes air mattress and yes tiny ass room. Moving to NYC wasn’t easy or glamorous, but its something I look back on and smile at. I love knowing that I was able to pack up my life, move to a big city and not only survive, but thrive. This city can either swallow you up, or propel you forward in ways you never thought possible, its up to you.  Here’s some tips that I’ve come up with to help you survive your first year in the city that never sleeps.


1.Be ready to share


If your coming from a wide open state like Texas, where you have privacy in your own place, your own car and the only time you have to deal with crowds is at your local mall or restaurant, be prepared. New York is packed to the max and so will your living situation. You are going to have a shared living space no matter what, so just be mentally ready to share your space. Restaurants and bars are smaller and tables are normally uncomfortably close. Train rides are overly packed and awkward, especially at 5pm and elevators rides will never feel more crowded. Be ready to share your space wherever you go and just go with it, its New York.





2.Make nice with your roommatesmetropolis-498406_640

The people you share your space with may not always be the people you’d like to share your space with, but make nice or shit can go sour real fast. Everyone is busy in New York so you might not even see your roommates, especially if they have a separate entrance. But most places have shared bathrooms and kitchen space so you eventually will run into them. Be cool and don’t be an anti social New Yorker, you never know when you might need to borrow some milk.





3. What’s Yours is Yourscheers-865834_640

Because you’ll be sharing a space with multiple people, or if your lucky just one, you need to make it clear that what’s’ yours is yours. Don’t let your roommate keep eating your almond butter from Trader Joe’s, that shit isn’t easy to get. Make it clear that what’s yours is not to be shared.






4.Invest in smart storagejar-791183_640

Your room is going to be tiny as shit. I’m going to keep it real with you. All these nice spacious apartments that you see on tv shows based in New York are just for show. No one lives in spaces like that unless your making $$$$$. Or you have a sugar daddy name Earl. So resort to living like you did in your college dorm days and you’ll be good.





5.Save Save Save Save Savepiggy-bank-1429579_640

In a New York minute everything can change, and you have to make sure your prepared for it. So make sure your saving up and getting ready to either move into your own place one day, in the not so near future, or just so you won’t have to live off ramen incase you lose your job.



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