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5 Most Common Door Styles that You’ll Find in the UK

Every house is different and styled based on each owner’s tastes and preferences. This includes differences in interior design, as well as external architecture.

One of the things that profoundly impact the impression of a house is the doors. As simple as they seem, doors can make a statement in a home and complement its overall style. This is why most people will spend time choosing the perfect door style for their houses.

Aside from their styles, doors are also picked based on their functionality and practicality. Although people have different tastes, they have quite similar needs when it comes to functionality. That’s why we may find some similarities in housing styles and doors in certain areas.

Here are the 5 most common door styles you’ll find in the UK:

Flush Doors

A flush door is commonly picked for its function. It usually has a simple design with a solid core. Because it is durable, it tends to be a good option both for internal doors and exterior doors. It has plain facings on both sides, which make it easy to style and add to any type of house.

Flush doors are heavier compared to other types of doors, making them a more durable and more useful design for more specific purposes such as those of acoustic doors, and fire doors.

Panel Doors

The panel door is one of the most popular doors used in the UK and other countries. As the name suggests, panel doors are made out of panels that fit into a frame to create a finished door. The panel creates a unique design.

A panel door also can be customized however, the owner wants, so it is not uncommon to find different sizes, shapes, and arrangements of panels. This type of door can be created entirely out of wood or combined with other materials like glass to let lots of light through the door.

Moulded Doors

The moulded door is one of the most popular doors used, among other internal doors. This door mimics the classic wooden door at a cheaper cost, but also offers good quality and durability. It is also available in a wider range of designs and is easier to install.

Most moulded doors are created out of recycled wood material, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are the perfect option for a small house with limited space. They can be used to create a new area or section in a home, like a wardrobe, playroom or office.

Bi-fold doors are also known as sliding doors or folded doors. They are made out of panels that slide up or fold up against the wall, which makes them perfect for maximizing smaller spaces.

Victorian Style Doors

Victorian style doors are most commonly used as front doors, but this style can be used as an internal door, too. Victorian style doors are perfect for traditional homes since they complement more classic interior designs. This type of door is mostly picked for its aesthetic appeal, rather than its function.

Since Victorian doors tend to be bigger and feature intricate designs, they are ideal for bigger homes.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a more clear idea of what kinds of doors are most commonly used in the UK, you have some insight on what doors would be best for you and your house. Whether you’d like to buy a door due to its durability, or you’re looking to upgrade your home’s style, there are many options that are both functional and stylish.

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