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Eastern Getaways: The Perfect Holiday to Thailand

Sometimes, the festive season can get a little stressful and the only thing we want is to relax while we still have time off work. Very few people know that the Christmas holiday season is actually a very cheap time to fly because most people are at home with their families, so why not whisk yourself away to a popular holiday destination such as Thailand for the remainder of your holiday?

Welcoming Culture


As with many other Asian cultures, the people of Thailand are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Thai people walk around with big smiles and happy thoughts all the time and it sums up the majority of what Thailand is about—having a good time and relaxing.


They’ll offer you cheap local delicacies, expert tours around the country and affordable accommodation. It’s the perfect destination to go backpacking if you like to adventure and it’s a good place to go for a budget weekend holiday.


Hot Beach Resorts


Places like Pattaya offer some incredibly relaxing beach locations for you to unwind and prepare for a new year of hard work and money making. Pattaya can offer you all the warm golden sand, crystal clear waters and exotic foods that you can take—it’s a tropical paradise with no compromises. Watersports are a huge thing in Pattaya and you’ll be hard pressed to find a location that doesn’t offer jet skiing and parasailing above the incredibly clear and sparkling waters of the beaches. There are plenty of relaxing amenities too, such as golfing.


Getting to Pattaya is a piece of cake if you want a small weekend break, or if you’d like to make it part of a larger holiday plan. A Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya is one of the easiest ways to get there, and it’s cheap as well!


Incredible Foods


Thailand is one of wildest cities to eat food in. There are some amazing traditional foods such as Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry) and Pad Thai (Fried Noodles) that you can find in almost every major restaurant in Thailand, but you’ll also get to sample some exotic snacks such as the legendary Durian fruit and fried insects that are sold at street vendors and food stalls.


Other famous foods include Tom Yum Goong, a spicy Thai soup that many people consider to be the ultimate flavour of Thailand. It usually includes mushrooms, tomatoes, lemongrass, chillies and shrimp. It’s our, spicy, and very hearty. There are hundreds of different variations that are served all across Thailand, each with its own distinct flair and flavour profile but rest assured, any variation you taste will be absolutely amazing!


Fascinating Destinations


Bangkok houses some of the world’s most incredible, weird and wonderful exhibits that you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The ever-popular Grand Palace is probably the most famous landmark in the whole of Bangkok. It used to serve as home to the Kings of Thailand, and you’ll get the chance to explore the entire compound which houses several smaller palaces that were used for different ceremonies.


There’s also Chinatown which sells a variety of wonderful fusion foods and snacks that you can take home with you, and there’s the Flower Market which is an incredibly unique place to shop for some beautiful flowers, traditional Thai candies and exotic fruits and vegetables. Because these areas are commonly used by locals, you won’t be paying a tourist premium either!

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