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Fiji Travel Tips and Advice for First-Time Visitors

By: Marie Nieves

The main reason why the South Pacific manages to stay so captivating and mysterious is that it hides so many tropical paradises among its untamed waves. One of these lush kaleidoscopes of exotic landscapes and wondrous sites is definitely Fiji – an assembly of circa 330 islands that lies about 2,100 kilometers north of New Zealand and nearly 1,300 kilometers east of New Caledonia. If you’ve never had a chance to visit this Melanesian country and savor its delights, here are some Fiji travel tips and advice  for first-time visitors. When to visit?

One of the ultimate selling points of Fiji is that you do not have to aim for a particular time window in order to get the best circumstances and climate conditions for your vacation. Average temperatures are fairly  consistent, dancing around the ideal 26,5 °C or 80 °F. This means that,
temperature-wise, you can visit Fiji whenever you get the chance. The only caveat comes between November and April when you might run into some tropical storms, but you’re likely to get the best bang for your buck no matter when you decide to come.

However, if you do want to save some money, look for the most opportune package deals and stick to one island – though, the latter advice is something you should rethink if you have at least some money to spare, as island hopping can be a blast in this archipelago. The official language is
English, but there is also a native Fijian language, and learning a few catchphrases and basic greeting words in it can truly make you endearing in the eyes of the locals.

Residents of these South Pacific islands are typically very pleasant and laid back, and the natives of Fiji are no different. They will make you feel welcomed, so feel free to ask around for directions and advice. The official currency is the Fijian dollar (FJD) which is worth half of an American dollar, and the capital of the country is Suva – a city of circa 90,000 residents which is located on the big island of Viti Levu.

Fiji’s astounding assembly of islets and hidden lagoons is simply profound in its variety and accessibility. This is a perfect destination for informal island hopping activities, which means that casual adventurists can truly have a blast. You should especially pay extra attention to the string of islands that begins right off the north-west coast of the main island.

The island of Malolo can be reached by a 50-minute boat ride from Nadi, and it is followed in quick procession by equally fascinating tropical paradises such as Castaway Island (also known as Qalito) and Mana Island. These irresistible nuggets of land also boast incredible resorts, some of which are definitely certified destinations for Schoolies in 2019  so if you are a viable candidate for such tours, you should definitely not miss out.

Since the archipelago is a product of volcanic activity, all of these little islets have shallows riddled in colorful coral reefs that are home to dynamic fauna and mesmerizing flora. Should you get a chance to spend some time in any of the resorts, seek out local diving guides and plunge into the most fascinating depths you’ll likely witness on this side of the world.

While you will come across various interesting idiosyncrasies on Fiji, there are some very palpable facts that you should know before you touchdown on Nadi International Airport. When it comes to religion, Fiji is a mixed bag that counts almost a million people. Nearly 60% of them are Christian, around 33% are Hindu and 7% are Muslim. It is a multicultural and multiethnic country comprised of Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Fijians and all of those in between.

The local prices are mostly reasonable and you can investigate all the interesting nooks and crannies of the islands without limitations. However, you should definitely watch your step in certain regions. The terrain can get pretty rugged since the mountains are of volcanic origin. Make sure to visit Garden of the Sleeping Giant
Fiji Museum and embark on a Sigatoka Jet Boat Safari. Bug spray and sunscreen will be your best friends throughout the trip, and don’t forget to put on a hat every time you know you’ll leave your accommodation for a prolonged period.

You’d be surprised at the number of people that will gaze into your eyes inquisitively after you’ve mentioned the faraway island paradise of Fiji. This captivating country in the South Pacific is viewed as a faraway getaway for a chosen few – those that are ready to go to the ends of the
Earth in search of exciting adventures and profound experiences. With its unique cuisine, rich culture and impeccably pristine beaches, Fiji is a harmonious mosaic that enraptures all senses and provides an unforgettable experience to all unsuspecting newcomers.

Marie Nieves is a writer for site WriterZone and lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets, and creative ideas. On her travels, she likes to read poetry and prose and surf the Internet. Her favorite writer is Tracy Chevalier, and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She is an avid lover of photography and loves to share her experiences. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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