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How to Make a Vacation Happen During COVID-19

Written by: Regina Thomas

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted vacation and travel plans for many people. Several countries have implemented safety guidelines by closing their borders, increasing the uncertainty of international travel. Many popular vacation destinations are also operating at reduced capacity to maximize the safety of their clients. While this might seem discouraging, it is still possible to plan a long-awaited and much-needed vacation during COVID-19.

Here are three ways to make a vacation happen during COVID-19.

1. Research COVID-19 Restrictions

Perhaps you are planning that long-awaited vacation trip and you are asking yourself, “How do I plan my trip to the Caribbean?” Before booking any hotel or flight reservations for your vacation, you should ensure that you fully understand the restrictions surrounding COVID-19 for any flights or hotels you are considering.

Some hotels require residents to wear masks or face coverings around public spaces such as pools or restaurants. Some hotels are operating their pool areas at limited capacity for shorter hours, while others have completely closed all common areas such as pools or restaurants. To avoid any disappointment, it is a good idea to check in with the hotels or resorts about the changes to their operations.

If you are traveling internationally, it is also important to ensure that you plan for all the necessary requirements upon entry to your vacation destination. For example, some countries might require you to have a negative lab-approved COVID-19 test taken within a certain duration of time prior to arrival at your vacation destination. Depending on your vacation destination, this could vary anywhere from 72 hours to seven days.

2. Book Your Travel

It is important to book travel keeping in mind the potential for travel disruptions if the borders of your vacation destination are closed. As such, you can consider purchasing travel insurance to protect you from travel disruptions due to changes in flights. This can be especially helpful if there are no available flights within days of your trip cancellation, causing you to lose vacation time. You should also ensure that your travel insurance covers travel disruptions due to a pandemic.

If you are uncertain about how to best book your travel, you could consider booking with a travel agent to minimize stress that might come with choosing the least disruptive itinerary. Travel agents are a wonderful option because they offer deals and packages that you might not ordinarily find by booking yourself. They are also in a good position to advise on the best vacation resorts for your stay.

3. Plan Your Itinerary

Once you have booked your flight and hotel reservations, it is important to plan out your itinerary for your vacation. Chances are that many of the destinations you had planned to visit and experience during your vacation have put in place COVID-related restrictions. For example, some places like public beaches might be operating at reduced capacity while other destinations like amusement parks might be closed.

If you are thinking of international travel, the Caribbean islands offer great weather all year round. Destinations like Aruba have the option for activities with minimal social contact such as taking a sunset cruise or going on an off-road tour to explore the countryside. The Caribbean islands generally have some great sights to explore with memorable views. This can be a good option if you would like to participate in activities with minimal social contact in the outdoors.

Book Your Vacation Today

If you are thinking about booking your dream vacation during the pandemic, consider planning for your trip using some of the above tips. However, it is important to maintain safety during travel by adhering to social distancing guidelines.


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