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By : Jada Davis

Comments from Americans [primarily “my folks” *points to brown side of my hand*] when you mention you’re traveling solo:

  • “Ur Not Alone R U?” – YES
  • “Whyyyyy!? Have u not seen Taken???”
  • “Solo??? Wow what made you go solo?!”  –WHY NOT?
  • Are you sure that’s a good idea?  YEP

Comments from Europeans when you mention you’re traveling solo:

  • OMG How Cool!?? You’re going to have a blast.
  • Awesome, I love solo travel! How many days are you traveling?
  • Nice!! How many cities are you visiting?? 

Notice the difference….. Before I get started – can ya’ll do me one quick favor:  STOP DOING THIS!

Like my auntie Taraji P. Henson recently said, “If you allow people to project their fears on you, you won’t live.” And damnit I plan on LIVING!

This blog is written as diary entires. 

img_7431I knew you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, so I decide to write this down. “Haters gone say its photoshopped.”  I don’t know about ya’ll but I’ve been praying to God for clarity in several areas of my life – and travel is where I find peace. I’ve wanted to do a solo trip for a while now, but didn’t know I would have the opportunity sooner rather than later. I believe that traveling is one of our “greatest teachers,” because through it we learn and polish basic life skills. Skills such as patience [which I lack], organization, negotiation, time management, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, and culture diversity. The solo trip I embarked on was taking me to Barcelona, Athens, and Santorini. I started in Barcelona, Spain (departing in Miami, FL) after finding a roundtrip ticket for less than $500 on American Airlines (details in another blog post). Interesting is the best way to describe the way my trip started. It was one of those “so-perfect-something-is-bound-to-go-wrong” kind of starts. I flew into Fort Lauderdale (because, cheaper) and hopped on the $5 TRI-RAIL to MIA airport to wait for my evening flight. While I’ve done this many times, I couldn’t have anticipated how long it would take the train to arrive + the delay because someone fell getting on or off (….I hope she’s okay). As I was ear hustling in between Drake songs, I heard that the TRI-RAIL would be delayed for at least an hour while we waited on an ambulance. I followed the flight attendants that I saw get off, and we all decided to take LYFT to the airport [use my code ] for $20 off your next ride] This is the first of many times that I told myself I wouldn’t get excited until I got there…



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