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Must Have Items for Delayed Flights and Layovers for Travel

Summer travels, international get-aways, and oversea adventures are around the corner and one thing we can’t avoid are delayed flights. Luckily, many airlines provide hotel vouchers for passengers with delays that continue on to the next day. We have your must-have tips and items to survive your extended airport stay!

  • Headphones

Netflix marathons are a given, Hulu sessions are a must, and you can never go wrong with music.


TIP: Keep one headphone in your ear and one out, you don’t want to miss an important over-com announcement!

  • Tablet/laptop + chargers/portables chargers

You will be so glad you brought it when your phone is on 20% and you can’t catch a spot at a charging station. Chargers…for when your devices get low, obvi!

  • Neck pillow

Catch a comfy snooze, without an awkward sleeping position or accidentally dozing off on your neighbor!

TIP: Travel with an inflatable pillow to avoid the bulk, get yours here or here!

  • Pre-bought snacks, gum/mints

It’s a well known fact the airport shops are ridiculously over priced, and if you’re in the airport over night, many (if not all) shops will be closed.

TIP: Stop by your local Dollar General (because EVERYTHING is $1), Wal-Mart or Target and zip-lock snacks for the trip!

  • Literature

For some, layovers are the perfect time to get lost in a book, or come to the rescue for those unfortunate scenarios when you can’t find a space next to the sparse charging stations.

TIP: If your coming off a flight, snag the magazine from the seat in front of you. They’re free and encouraged to take, plus they have airport coupons!

  • Hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes + makeup wipes

For any sticky situations and when your face is long over due for a clean slate.

  • Toothbrush + paste

It feels so much better using your own toothbrush, than a small, mediocre travel one.

TIP: buy your favorite paste in travel-size and zip-lock it, to reduce the chance of it getting everywhere!

  • Set of under garments, extra top + zip-up jacket

For the Starbucks mishap, or Cinnabon drizzle gone too far, an extra shirt will come in handy. You will love yourself for bringing extra garments and a jacket on board if you require an overnight stay.


TIP: Getting a hoodie over your head during TSA security checks can get complicated. Wear a zip-up jacket during travel for a smooth transition.

  • Makeup bag + chapstick

Concealer, powder, and mascara will make you feel like a million bucks after a long day. It’s a super easy fix for dark circles and a quick cover up.

TIP: Perfect time to slay the “no makeup-makeup” look. Pair it with a nude, moisturizing lip!

  • Toiletries + face wash, face mask, loofa, lotion

Nothing is more relaxing than taking off your makeup and throwing on a refreshing mask before bed. Your face will  thank you in the morning, guaranteed! A loofa for a deep clean after all the airport germs and the lotion to moisturize you for the next day ahead.

  • Sunglasses

For the next day, early morning flight to paradise!

TIP: They work as a great head piece for that messy bun we all love to rock!

Now that you’re well prepared, dust off your passport… your vacation awaits!  Tag us at  #TheCultureSupplier with your travel gear!

Safe travels!

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