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Purchasing the Travel Mug You Never Knew Your Needed

Written by : Bobby Ellis

A good travel mug would be a must if you got to take your coffee or tea with you on the road. There are many different varieties of mugs available, so here are a couple of tips to think about before you buy one.

 Travel mugs are offered in both chrome steel and plastic, with plastic being the least expensive. Even though chrome steel initially costs more, it’ll provide you with more excellent value for your money. Plastic mugs can break when dropped, and does not keep your coffee or tea hot nearly as long as compared to stainless mugs.

 You can expect superior performance from a stainless-steel travel mug for keeping your coffee, tea, and beverages hot or cold for more than an hour. If you are searching for the best way to keep your favorite beverage hot or cold longer, look for a stainless-steel mug with double-wall insulation.

 Stainless steel can also be cleaned up easier than plastic. Therefore, the plastic liner, over time, will absorb coffee or tea. This build-up will affect the taste of your beverage, and consequently, the only thanks to remedying it’s to shop for another travel mug.

 If you prefer a plastic travel mug, make sure it’s a stainless-steel liner. The advantages of these mugs are you will not feel the warmth on the mug’s surface, and you have got a range of colors to choose from. You can also find textured, custom movies  and Starbucks travel mugs online.

 You should also decide if you would like your travel mug to suit a cup holder in your car or if you would like it to have a good bottom for stability. The advantage of travel mugs for cup holders is that you don’t have to hold onto them. Just know the size of the cupholder to buy a mug for it.  If you do not have a cupholder or do not like to use one, you should look for a travel mug with a stable bottom.

 Look for a wide non-slip bottom because not all of them come that way. You don’t want it to slip if you let go of the travel mug. Next, what type of lid does one prefer? The covers that snap on can sometimes come off if the travel mug tips over or is dropped. Screw-on lids are better because they stay regardless of what happens, and that is the thought of a travel mug to start with.

 Also, consider how the beverage hole will be covered and uncovered when you want a sip. Do you love a flap over the drink hole that snaps shut, or does one prefer a slide that stays open or closed? Then there’s the Press’N’Sip lever design that opens once you press on the spring-loaded lever and closes once you are abandoning.

 Travel mugs come in a variety of volume sizes too. If you simply drink a small amount, consider a smaller 8 oz. travel mug. On the opposite hand, if you would like an excessive amount of coffee or tea to drink, consider a more significant 16 or 20 oz—travel mug.

 Once you get the travel mug that is just right for your need, wash it by hand instead of using a dishwasher for it. Sometimes soap residue gets left behind either in the lid or in the travel mug, and no one likes that kind of surprise. So be sure to rinse it extra good, so all that you taste is the rich flavor of your coffee or tea.

 If you allow your travel mug within the car while at work, store it far away from direct sunlight. That way, the recent sun magnified by the windows won’t damage the rubber seals within the lid. Next time you go shopping for a travel mug, you should keep these points in your mind. So when you go out of the home with your favorite hot beverage, it will stay in the mug and remain hot until the last drop.

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