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The Road to Nevada: The Destination

The state of Nevada would not be the first travel destination of many travelers. However, it is a hidden gem. You can spend a solid holiday in the state of just visit it as part of another holiday. It houses all kinds of awesome attractions and great areas of significance. It is rich in history, both human and natural, and has a great population who are usually more than willing to help and it is surely a safe destination. Here are some top reasons for you to visit Nevada. You may have seen some of them before, but it shouldn’t put you off your trip. Nevada can be visited time and time again.


Las Vegas

Any list on Nevada would not be complete without the city of Vegas making an entry. Las Vegas is one of those cities everyone should visit at least once. Or maybe more, depending on your personal preference. It is a city of lights and wonder, never sleeping and always trying to dazzle in some way or another. The amazing shows are a major selling point, suitable for you and the kids. You can browse around for some show tickets. Stopping off in the city to see a show can be a great way to spend a night or two as a part of your trip to Nevada. The huge amount of casinos like the Venetian and the Bellagio offer gambling aficionados a great opportunity to win (or lose) some money too. The beauty of Vegas casinos resides in the fact that they suit anyone of any means. You can put quarters into slots or spend thousands on roulette, it’s up to you entirely.


It isn’t just a place for gamblers and party seekers though. Vegas houses a great many museums for your enjoyment and to give you a break from the flashing lights and music. Vegas has a rich mob based crime history for you to explore too, so you can even make it interesting for the kids by taking them to the mob museum. The strip is awash with wonderful shows and characters that can get your kids laughing, so don’t be afraid to take a walk down there. The city also houses some stunning restaurants of different cuisines. If you are visiting Nevada you absolutely have to give Vegas a try. Even on a flying visit. Just try to stay at least one night in one of its opulent hotels.


Hoover Dam


Built in 1935, this marvel of construction engineering is a great place to visit for you and your family alike. It tames the Colorado river and impounds Lake Mead, which when full is the biggest US resevoir. The views atop this beast are completely amazing. You can really take in the nature of the land around you. There are also guided tours available, showing you how it works and how it was built. The fact the construction occurred in a time of the depression is even more impressive. This is a must for visitors of Nevada, especially if you are someone who is weak for natural beauty and also loves history and construction. The kids will love it too, just keep them away from the edge!


Lake Tahoe


Straddling the border between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is huge freshwater lake. This is a great place to just kick back and relax. You can do some fishing, or go adventuring in the nearby snowy peaks. Take a boat out onto the calm lake and row your family around as they can bask in the sun and stunning surroundings. There are also great skiing opportunities if you go during the right time of year. Who would’ve thought, skiing in Nevada! This is a great place for those who love outdoor activities and can be taken as a relaxing end to your trip across Nevada or even a calm beginning. There are some brilliant water sports available and you can even pop over the border to nearby California


Again, another example of pure American history. This little place is a perfect show of an old mining town. Built in 1862 for the capture of silver due to the less heard of silver rush. It is not pretty much abandoned and there has even been the odd ghost sighting. These kinds of towns are popular throughout Nevada and can give you and your family something to do during those long haul drives through the stunning state. If you have someone with you interested in the supernatural you may also want to stop off in the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia city, rumoured to be one of the most haunted hotels in America. Just stay away from any open mine shafts. You never know what you can find down there.

Visit The Valley Of Fire

Sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie right? The valley of fire is a national park with huge sandstone formations that were baked into what they are today, giving the look of a desolate alien planet which was scorched by divine flame. It is a lovely place to take a picnic and just marvel at the stunning landscape. Or you can go hiking and see how high you can climb these wonders. Just be careful in the summer because it can get quite hot. Oh, and watch out for the snakes too.


Visit The Great Basin

Swap out the red rock for sweeping green landscapes with stunning snowy climbs on the evanescent horizon. This is another place to get lost and get in touch with mother nature. Make sure you stock your car up and get down the wheeler peak scenic drive. The peak dominates the whole park and there are even caves underneath it. You can take a camping trip here while you prepare for the next part to your adventure. The stars at night are amazing and perfect to set the scene for a warming campfire meal. You can just drive through to admire the place if you want, but to fully appreciate it plan a night here.


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