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Why You’ve Just Got To Visit Southeast Asia

For years now, Southeast Asia has been the destination of choice for adventurous travelers. There’s so much to see here, thanks to the incredibly deep histories and local cultures of the people, as well as the stunning landscapes, rainforests, wildlife, mountains and seas. It’s this combination that keeps westerners coming back, year after year. Here are some of the reasons why you’ve just got to visit Southeast Asia.


Reason #1: Food To Die For

Asians aren’t shy when it comes to their food. In fact, food serves as a fitting centerpiece to the culture. Some travelers might argue that even if Southeast Asia was nothing more than mile after mile of desert, it’d still be a worthwhile travel destination thanks to the cuisine.

Most people head to the street snack vendors in Bangkok, trying out all the different food that’s on offer. Others head on over to Vietnam to sample their all-you-can-eat banquets. Still, others choose to chow down on Malaysian curry.

The reason why the food here is so interesting is that it is a blend of two cultures: the Chinese to the north and the Indians to the West. The use of spices in this part of the world is delicious, the colors are vivid and the flavors, unforgettable.


Reason #2: Volunteering Opportunities

Southeast Asia is experiencing something of an economic miracle right now. Just like Taiwan, Korea and Japan have been transformed into wealthy countries over the last fifty years or so, countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia are on a similar trajectory. Unfortunately, many of these countries still have a long way to go before every child gets an education, and everybody in the country has the means to afford healthcare.

With that in mind, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Thailand and other parts of the region. Many volunteers do things like teaching English and IT skills to young Thais.

Reason #3: Your Wallet Will Love It

In Southeast Asia, anything that’s made locally is incredibly cheap. And that, of course, includes meals. It’s not unusual to pay $2 for a three-course meal at a beautiful restaurant, especially if you are some distance from the main city. People-based services are ridiculously cheap, making it a great place to get a haircut, have a meal, hop on public transport and so on. Seasoned backpackers can subsist for as little as $15 a day, including things like hotels, which is quite remarkable.

Reason #4: Southeast Asia Loves Tech

Southeast Asia might not be as wealthy as Japan, but the locals sure do love their technology. As a result, many countries in the region have excellent internet coverage, perfect for people who like to keep their followers up to date on their blogs, or if you just want to follow your favorite people on social media. Compared to other adventure destinations, like Australia or South America, the internet coverage in places like Malaysia and Thailand is excellent. You’re unlikely to go long without signal here compared to those other locations.


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