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TheCultureSupplier.com  is focused on informing the masses and being the beginning of conversation.  Our stories and topics are designed to give our viewers information that not only encourages them to enhance their lives, but to culturally connect through entertainment, health, and personal development.

We want to hear your stories. We’re looking for writers  who want to share their view on culture from news, sports, music, technology and all things that revolve around culture. No topic is too personal, especially if it can support or change the way things are viewed.

Contributors will cover breaking news in Music, Movies & TV, Sports, Art & Style, and Tech, and present it through our unique voice and POV.

These positions have the potential to be remote, so self-motivation and accountability are essential.

These are the types of stories we love to share with our readers:

  • #CultureNews– Whats happening in your city or around you?  Inform the culture on things that may make a difference in the way we function.
  • Girlfriends of Culture – Bringing information to our women no matter the topic.
  • Tech Moves– technology runs are life and we want to stay ahead of the curve.
  • On the Move –You are living that hotel life? or seeing the world? Give the culture tips on how to make it work for them.
  • The Appearance – Mind, body and soul – Inspirational talks, work out ideas and foodie plans for the holidays.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

A few pitch tips:

We only accept pieces that haven’t been published elsewhere, and of course, you should be familiar with the site and tone of theculturesupplier.com.

If you’re interested in pitching content outside of the franchises listed above, please know that we will strongly consider editorials and think pieces that are relevant to  culture, news, sports, music, events, women lifestyle, fitness and film , particularly within the diaspora.

We prefer to see full drafts before committing to running your piece. Please copy and paste your text in to the body of the email as attachments can sometimes be problematic. Also include ideal images and videos to support your text

If you don’t have a full draft ready please send us your story idea, including a topical headline and a brief description of your story, why it is story is important to you and why you think it will appeal to the TheCultureSupplier audience. Please write the type of pitch in the subject line  with a relevant headline to the story.

EMAIL : info@theculturesupplier.com

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