5 Tips to Help Your Business Go Green


Every bit of help counts when it comes to improving our environment. Businesses can do their parts by being as eco-friendly as possible. There are many small changes you can make in your business that will ensure you are doing your part. 


In addition, customers are more likely to use businesses that are environmentally friendly and often search further afield to find businesses that put eco-friendly options as a priority. Here are some ways your business can go green.


Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning products can be full of harsh chemicals that can affect both people and the environment. These chemicals are often used because they can kill bacteria quickly but they also pose a risk. Switching to eco-friendly products has many benefits.


They’re safer for your cleaners to use and safer for your staff to come across on surfaces. They have natural ingredients so they won’t harm the atmosphere when released and they can still kill bacteria.


Go Paperless

A lot of businesses are still using paper for a number of different tasks. Many businesses still send letters instead of emails and still use paper documents to collect data and client signatures. With advances in technology, all of this is rendered unnecessary.


The more paper that is used, the more harm we do to our environment. There are countless ways to save content safely online and cut down on paper use. Whether you use the Cloud or another storage system, it’s far easier than a filing cabinet.


Work From Home

Have you thought about offering your employees a work from home option? Working from home can give your employees the opportunity to have a better work/life balance. It also means you can save on office space and reduce emissions from the transport employees use to get back and forth to work.


It also means that you can keep energy costs down if there are fewer employees using computers, printers, and copiers etc. 


Plant Shrubs and Trees

If there is land attached to your business premises, you may want to think about planting there. Shrubs and trees present an opportunity for cleaner air, both outdoors and indoors. The more plantlife on your property, the more you’ll be doing to protect the environment.


If you haven’t got much outdoor space, you could consider bringing plants indoors too. In addition to improving air quality inside, these plants have also been said to improve moods and help to increase production rates.


Alternative Energy

There’s no getting away from energy use. Every business will need to heat their premises and use power for computers and equipment. However, you can choose alternative methods of energy. Solar power for example.


Think about installing solar panels at your business property or investing in wind power. Make sure the energy companies you use are using as much clean power as possible as well.


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