9 Greatest Challenges the Virtual Marketing Teams are Facing Now

Written by: Joseph McLean

The marketing team is one of the most important teams or departments in any business organization. Marketers are the ones charged with the responsibility of putting out the products or services of the organization to the world. Without their work, it will be impossible to have people patronize the business and generate revenue through sales.

However, many marketing teams face a number of problems which reduces the impact of their work. Although the goal for every marketer is basically the same, they tend to face different sets of problems. These problems border on factors such as the type of product or service they are marketing, marketing techniques, and target audience. While some marketers are having problems in hiring the best talents, there are other marketers that are looking for the best technology to meet their needs.

The challenges differ from one marketer to the other and one marketing group to the other. But every marketing team faces certain challenges. These challenges are even amplified by virtual marketing teams.

9 of the challenges which virtual marketing teams face are as follows.

  1. Getting ROI for marketing campaigns

The best way for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities and campaigns is by measuring the ROI for the different campaigns. However, this has become a herculean task for many marketers from years to years. It would be impossible to make a case for the efficacy of your marketing techniques and even ask for an increased marketing budget without an ROI to back your argument.

One major factor that makes it difficult to track ROI. One of them is a lack of communication between marketing teams and sales teams. So, it is important to create that link between both sales and marketing teams. One way you can do this is to use the software. Once you can link your marketing activities with an increase in sales, then you can make a case for your marketing strategy. 

  1. Generating leads and traffic

According to the state of inbound reports for 2017 and 2018, and one of the custom reviews of Michael Jens, the research analysts at write my assignment, the biggest challenge that marketers face is getting enough leads and traffic. This is a trend that has continued for a while, and a survey by Vital acknowledged that over 35% of marketers are dealing with the challenge of getting traffic and leads to their website.

The struggles that marketers face in doing their jobs will only be heightened by stiffer competitions. It even becomes difficult to market products and services with an increasing number of platforms and marketing strategies. One dilemma that marketers have to solve is where to focus their marketing efforts.

  1. Getting enough budgets for marketing

If you are really going to do well with your marketing campaigns, you need a budget that can cover all your costs. This is a problem that most marketers face as they do not often get the budget to push their marketing ideas. Even if marketers do come up with great marketing ideas that can bring in good sales, they still need a budget to be approved for them to execute it. More often than not, they do not get the budget they need.

This challenge is even more common among small organizations that make up the bulk of the market.

According to the articles on the online paper writing service platform like Assignment Help UK, proving ROI on previous marketing campaigns is important for increasing marketing budgets.

  1. Reaching an international audience

Every marketing campaign has its own target audience. It is one of the first things that a marketer has to determine when deciding a marketing strategy. They have to, first of all, create or determine a buyer persona for their prospective buyers. This helps them to mark down their target audience.

For businesses that plan to expand their reach and become global or international businesses, the marketers always have to do more work. They have to create content to reach an international audience.  This makes targeting even harder. They also have to work on their website so that it is optimized for different countries.

  1. Managing the website

This is one challenge that has been in existence for marketers since online marketing began. However, in recent years, it stopped posing as much threat as it used to. This is because it is a much easier problem to deal with than many other challenges that marketers face.

Website optimization is a common theme for marketers, as it also determines the number of visitors and conversion rates. Melanie Green mentioned in he Many factors, however, come into play here. Some of them are website speed, overall user experience, creating beautiful web pages, high-quality website content, etc.”, as mentioned Melanie Green, the webdesigner at custom papers

  1. Determining the best technology to use

The advancement of technology and the emergence of newer technologies is both good and bad news for marketers. It is good news because they have resources at hand to make their work easier. On the other hand, it is not-so-good news because they might have to adopt newer technologies every now and then. What’s more challenging is that they have to regularly solve the dilemma of what technology to adopt among a host of technologies available to them.

It doesn’t help the marketers that they get varied feedback for emerging technologies from tech experts, industry analysts, and colleagues.

According to a 2019 report, about 43% of companies report that over 5% of their budget was spent on emerging technologies.

  1. Training marketing team

According to reports of some best essay writing service uk reports from Essay writer for you, this is a common marketing problem for many companies. This challenge is associated with other challenges such as determining technology to use, managing websites, reaching an international audience, etc.

With marketing tools continuing to evolve and new technologies continue to emerge, training marketing teams will become harder and more regular. Trying to keep the marketing team up to date with the use of new tools or execution of new concepts to give the company an edge in the market, will require a lot from the company and the senior marketers or heads of the marketing department.

  1. Hiring the best talents

This is another common challenge for many marketing teams. The competition is rife as every company strives to ensure that they attract the best marketers for themselves and others are trying to keep hold of their prized asset.

The fact that most companies have now adopted inbound marketing as their marketing strategy makes it more important that they attract the best marketing talent. This has now become a major challenge. Companies take weeks and months evaluating marketers’ skills while looking for the best candidate for them. The skill that companies look for in marketers is also changing. Companies now want marketers with both hard technical skills and little creative skills. This has created a skill gap in the market.


It is now difficult to find marketers with the creative, business, and technical ability to do well as a digital marketer.


  1. Managing customer expectations

Expectations from customers have continued to change as the times change. With the luxury of the internet, smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, and others, customers now demand an interactive and more personalized experience with the brand.


Thanks to technology, prospects can get all the information that they need at the snap of their fingers. So, they have access to information, which can be a good or bad thing for the marketer. It is important to put the right information out to convince the prospect and help manage their expectations.



There’s a lot of challenges that the marketers have to deal with in carrying out their business. But all of the challenges do have their solutions. That’s what a marketer has to leverage on to succeed in digital marketing.



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