A Matter of Time: The Keys to Handling a PR Crisis

It seems that in the social media world, it doesn’t take long to hit a crisis. Whether it’s a change in circumstances from within or something beyond our control, when we hit a crisis point, it has a detrimental effect on our brand. Managing a crisis situation is not just about preparation, but about understanding how to monitor each step of the process. 

Gathering the Troops 

This is the way to demand solidarity on a company level. You need to determine what has happened using connections within the business. When you understand the story internally, you can get an idea of how your customers may perceive what is going on. This is especially useful if your customers and your business interact through social media channels. While on social media, we experience a lot of errors and mistakes, it’s not just about being able to delete a post; it’s about learning to promote yourself through social media channels with the proper decorum. Social media marketing agencies like at can always provide insights into how to conduct yourself online. And while this may take time, when you start to consider the individual reaction of people to a PR crisis, this is almost often a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, gather the troops and remain calm. 

Recognize How it Will Impact the Business 

Is the crisis having an immediate impact, or will it affect the business in the future? Before you react to the situation, you need to understand where you are at any given moment. You need to address how each decision will impact the business going forward. This does not just consist of the bottom line, but also how your brand can retain a form of reputation. PR teams that work with specific firms should always help. There are a variety of companies that can work with legal firms or digital agencies, such as When it comes to your own unique crisis, you may think that you are able to put out the fires, but it can have a wide arranging impact. Because it’s not just about the business or the industry, but it’s about the human component too. 

Monitoring the Reactions 

When you compose a response to a crisis, it’s time to sit back and remain calm so you can evaluate. When there’s a problem thrown out onto social media, you’ve got to stay patient. There will be some aspects of putting out fires, such as offering extra reactions or statements, but the reality of any crisis is that it takes a few days for things to wind down. 

Finally, after such a difficult time, the most important lesson for any business to learn is about how you can move forward. Learning about each step taken helps avoid similar issues in the future, which helps to promote a solid brand. When we encounter a crisis in business, it’s never an easy thing to deal with. But it is such a crucial part of setting up a business and learning to manage any company effectively.

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