Best Ways to Promote Your Business amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by: Jack Smith

During an emergency of any kind, like the corona crisis, your customers move to social media for connection, information, and updates. Did you know that Instagram witnessed a 40 percent surge concerning usage during the COVID-19 pandemic? That is because the visitors tuned into live updates, news, and supported one another with content and information. Your audience is on social media for information, but that does not imply that you keep posting business-as-usual info.

According to an article published on, businesses need to leverage their marketing team during this pandemic situation. Smart brands are trying to build new strategies in real-time as well as work online amid the crisis. Read on to learn how you can promote your business at this crisis hour.

Accept the catastrophe

When the entire world including the US has been plagued by the coronavirus, acting as if all things are normal is inappropriate and affects your business credibility. In 2020, customers are well informed, intelligent, and aware of what is happening around the world; they value integrity and Instagram is the best platform to share what is happening with your company.

Even if you post a simple message like, “It is not the right time to think about profits,” could go a long way to show your existing and potential customers that you care and listen. Therefore, before you start posting Instagram content, connect with your customers first to show that you are a real person behind the business. You are human and not thinking about money amid the global crisis.

Stop your business promotions

Take some time out of your schedule and re-examine your planned posts on Instagram. You will need to reconsider which contents are ready to post. You may need to cancel all your planned posts if they seem insensitive to use amid the pandemic. It is a smart idea to withdraw anything that relates to business revenue and profitability including a post about inviting a celebrity for a promotional event or selling your products or services.

Amid the corona crisis, numerous businesses decided to postpone new product launches, promotions, and marketing activities. That is because people will not like to see such content amid the crisis. Even if the promotions did not offend people, they would look flat for most individuals, as they are more concerned about the wellbeing of their family and friends.

During the crisis hour, you will need to take the next step, making promotions subtle and with a touch of compassion. It will help you Instagram followers and likes. You can openly communicate a message like, your business will deliver essentials such as vegetables, cereals, lean meat, fruits, edible oils, and others to customer’s doorstep but will charge no or a nominal delivery fee. This way, you make business as well as do your part to help people during the corona crisis.

Share positive stories

Instagram recommends brands to share some optimistic stories surrounding caring, helping, kindness and supporting safety and health-related messages from reliable sources. During the crisis, you should provide authentic information via Instagram and help people as well as local communities. You can also use ‘Stay safe, stay at home’ stickers if you post content on your Instagram business page. It will help in reinforcing your primary health messages.

Tell your audience what is happening at your business

You can make the most out of the Instagram Stories feature to reach out to your targeted audience. Share behind-the-scenes shots to show how your employees are working amid the pandemic to ensure customers do not face any difficulties in procuring essentials. Tell your audience how as a brand, you are addressing the key issues at this crisis hour, thus assisting clients, customers, suppliers, and of the community as a whole.

Make the most out of food stickers and gift cards

Amid the corona crisis, you can make the most out of food ordering stickers as well as gift cards in the Stories frames of Instagram. Many brands are saving these stories as Highlights to boost their reach and customer response. Post simple messages like, “Your favorite breakfast food and juices are now available for delivery.”

Begin a useful conversation

Use the question sticker to build customer engagement and spark a conversation. You can ask how they are feeling amid the pandemic and as a business; you are all geared up to help customers at this crisis hour. You can also use tools such as the Countdown sticker to create engagement surrounding your digital events. You answer the questions your customers ask related to the pandemic, safety measures, and procurement of essential items. It will help your audience understand what you are doing as a brand to help the local communities.


During social distancing, switching to Instagram will help you find new experiences so that your business can post useful content to existing and potential customers. This way, you can engage your audience and your business can pull through from the pandemic situation.

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