How To Get Your New Business In Front of the Right People

Are you taking the plunge and setting up a new business? If so, it’s essential to get the right people talking as soon as possible. You need to put your venture on the map and make sure everybody knows that you mean business. If you’re preparing for lift-off here are some tips to get yourself out there.

Hosting a launch

Hosting a launch is an excellent way to showcase a new product or introduce people to a new company. This kind of event gives you a chance to tell people about what you’re offering, and for them to see it in action. When you’re preparing for an event, give yourself time. It’s important to get every detail right. Firstly, look for a venue and draw up a guest list. Think about who you want to invite carefully. Use your contact list, and try and get industry experts and potential investors and clients on board. Choose a venue that is eye-catching or offers potential. Try and be original. Your guests may go to a lot of similar events, so make sure your launch stands out. If you come across an empty space that could be perfect, use your imagination. You can transform a blank canvas into an incredible setting. Think about decor and design, and make sure your staging is relevant to the brand. Are you selling a new sports drink, for example? If so, you could look into long term bleacher rentals. Once you’ve got a concept, you can use this at other events, such as trade shows and exhibits in the future.

When you’ve got the aesthetic of the venue sorted, work on your pitch and presentation. You need to be slick, engaging and enthusiastic. The aim is to persuade the audience to buy into you and your business. Rehearse, and make sure you’re familiar with the key numbers and statistics. Try and predict questions from the crowd, and formulate answers in advance. Be confident, speak clearly, and inject some passion.


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Contacting buyers

If you’ve got a new product, getting the right buyers on board could change your life overnight. Something you’ve developed could become the next big thing. If you can impress buyers and convince major retailers that you’re onto a good thing, the world is your oyster. When your product is ready, contact retailers that are relevant to the item, and set up meetings. You’ll only have a short time, so first impressions are everything. Dress smartly, arrive on time and be confident. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say and that your pitch is polished and professional. Show off your enthusiasm, and try and interact with the panel. Let them have a look at what you’re selling, and answer questions. Make sure you have figures in mind so that you can negotiate. Bear in mind that large retailers may place bulk orders. Work out unit prices beforehand to prevent confusion.



Trying to make a splash in the business world is tough. Hopefully, these tips will help you to put your business firmly on the map. Good luck!

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