Does Your Business Need to Look the Part?

Startups and fledgling businesses can struggle to get the respect they feel they deserve, and there are a few reasons behind this. A reputation takes a long time to build, while established brands in your industry already have a foothold, and these combine to having your business overlooked. Just because you don’t have the reputation or, indeed the experience, doesn’t also mean you can’t still appear like you do, though. Often, it’s not about what you know, but how you look that can help kickstart your success. 


Fix Your Website

Your website is the first thing potential customers and investors will see when researching your business, so it pays to fix your website and make it easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. 

However, it’s about more than just how the website looks. Too many new businesses spend all their time designing the website with little care for the content within. They fill their site with jargon that, for the average reader, may as well be in another language. 

You need to balance both of these to create a website that looks good but is also full of valuable information to keep people coming back to your business. 

No More Generic Products

Nothing makes a business look amateurish more than generic products and accessories. You already have a logo, so why not plaster this logo over every pen, flash drive, mousemat, and air freshener? 

Services like Pro-Motion Industries can make this a reality, and branding your products and accessories won’t just make you look the part; it also helps spread awareness of your company. 

People are naturally curious, so if they are handed a pen with your brand and logo on it, they will go to the internet and look it up. They may not need your business now, but they might do in the future, and through branded products, you will be in the back of their mind. 


Uniforms aren’t for every brand, and while it may feel a little too much like being back at school, you cannot deny that it helps your business look the part. 

If everyone is dressed the same, it’s easy to separate customers from employees. This will make questions and queries easy to direct to the relevant person in-store, and it also creates a culture of consistency throughout. 

Some businesses like to distinguish levels of management through different color uniforms. However, even large brands like IKEA keep their uniforms consistent through the management chain, and when you go to buy your new bookcase (or ask about a missing part), you won’t be able to distinguish the store manager from the kid on their first day. 

Looking the Part

The fake it till you make it mantra may not sound too professional for some people, but sometimes you need to take these kinds of shortcuts to get your business off the ground. If your product is good enough, the quality will speak for itself, but it won’t get the chance to speak for itself until people start using it, and looking the part is how you can make this possible.

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