Common Digital Marketing Myths You Need To Forget

Like most business owners, I’m sure you know something about the massive importance of digital marketing. Though it’s becoming more and more of a given that businesses have to harness “the power of the click” to have any real success, there are a lot of common misconceptions holding promising companies back. Here are a few of the most common myths you need to forget…

It’s Too Expensive

Many small business owners think that there’s too much risk involved in investing in digital marketing, due to the high price tag that comes with it. This simply isn’t the case! Aside from the wide range of SEO and PPC management platforms you have to choose from, many internet giants like Google and Facebook have pumped a lot of financial support into making digital marketing more accessible. While the price for some campaigns can certainly be staggering, it almost always represents better value for money than any amount of traditional marketing. There are countless digital marketing agencies out there who can take a few details about your company, and spin them into a campaign that’s unique to your business’s brand identity and objectives.

Managing a Campaign is Tedious


As a business owner, time is one of the most valuable resources you have. However, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from the massive potential of digital marketing by instantly assuming you don’t have the time to manage your online presence around the clock. Despite what a lot of people think, starting and managing a good digital strategy can be done in a few simple steps once you determine a few clear objectives. Let’s say you have a new product you want your target market to know about. There are a range of digital platforms, including PPC ads and social media, you can leverage to increase visibility and conversions, and various helpful tools that will allow you to manage these campaigns from a single interface. If you’re lacking the talent and manpower for this, then you can make it even simpler by finding a performance-driven marketing agency with flexible pricing plans, and outsourcing the work to them. Digital marketing can certainly be a long and tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be!

It’s Near Impossible to Compete with a Larger Online Presence

I understand that it can be a daunting prospect to have to build your business’s online base of followers from scratch, especially when there are all these industry giants who already have a massive customer base. As bleak as things may seem, digital marketing can in fact level the playing field, and give SMEs and start-ups a much better chance in such a competitive market. While traditional marketing spots used to represent a massive investment, digital marketing tactics allow your brand to reach out to a larger base of clients, all with a limited budget. Aside from being able to broadcast your message to a larger group of people, you’ll also have more tools for forging a distinct brand identity compared to traditional means.

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