The Elusive Job Role For The “People” Person

As a social butterfly, it can be hard to find a job which suits such a personality. The thought of being trapped in an office cubicle can be a tough one to swallow if you’d much rather be out there in the world dealing with as many people as possible to help in as many different ways as possible.

Still, you might be surprised to find that there are more jobs out there for the “people” person than you think. If you’d prefer a career which involves working with others rather than working on your own or in a cold and impersonal environment then you might want to take inspiration from the following career suggestions. Here are some answers to your hunt for the supposedly ever-elusive sociable job role.


Though this may not have been the career suggestion you expected in your hunt for a role that takes you out of a tedious office environment, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss a role in the world of sales. Selling something, whether it’s an idea, a product, or a service, is perhaps one of the most sociable aspects of business imaginable. In a sense, most companies and the industries in which they’re based involve some element of sales. The very principle of business involves selling goods and services to customers and that involves the skill of salesmanship.

Of course, there are many different kinds of jobs in the realm of sales. You could be involved in a sales role which puts you in a much more social environment, such as working on a store floor and helping customers in person. Even a call center role can offer social contact which allows you the opportunity to help people. At the end of the day, it’s about the industry more than anything. If you’re selling goods for a company that’s part of an industry which interests you then you might feel the desire and motivation necessary to really give it your all.

Human resources.

The clue is in the title. A career in human resources is certainly one of the most sociable careers in an office environment. If you still feel comfortable in a standard 9 to 5 role but you feel that you need something a little more human than the numbers, statistics, or administrative work involved with your current role then you might want to consider a department which fosters human interaction and socializing.

A career in human resources might be the perfect career opportunity for somebody with people skills and the desire to help others whilst still remaining in a business environment. Essentially, it’s a job role which demands that you strive to help make your coworkers happy or happier. It involves making sure that people are hired correctly and for the correct reasons. It involves dealing with workplace disputes and personal issues with which employees might be dealing.


A career in healthcare is perhaps one of the best careers for a “people” person. It involves caring for people and healing them at the most basic level, whether you’re involved in physical or mental healthcare. It’s the perfect role for somebody who wants to work with others and heal them. If you’re wondering where you’d get started in a career within the healthcare industry then you might want to check out Our Lady of the Lake College online for courses in nursing. There’s certainly much to be said for getting qualifications when it comes to such a technical industry, and it can’t hurt to broaden your horizons if you’re still on the fence with regard to entering this industry.

Learning something about healthcare and the work involved might help to guide your decision with regards to such a huge career change. It’s important to remember that there are many different openings within such a vast and diverse industry. You might want to be involved with a more hands-on role with regards to healing people in hospitals, or you might want a role behind the scenes dealing with more technical or administrative information simply because you want to be involved with the process of helping others. Healthcare is a very social role no matter what kind of job you take on; you’ll always be surrounded by people, and you’ll always be helping people.

Social work.

This is an obvious career option for the sociable person who wants to help others. Much like a career in healthcare, it involves helping people who are dealing with personal struggles. You might consider sectors such as child welfare if you have a love for children and keeping them safe from abuse either at the hand of the system or a lack of financial support. It may not be a line of work which is sociable in a sense which promotes personal gain, but it is sociable in the sense that you’d be helping others. If you’re the kind of people person who wants to work for selfless reasons to really help make some positive change in the world then this is certainly a career you should consider.


Of course, other forms of social work involving children are very rewarding in this regard both from the point of you helping young people with struggles and from the perspective of those young people you help. You might want to consider school social work to help those kids who might be struggling financially because of the state of their family situation and work to ensure this doesn’t affect their education or the bare necessities such as food and shelter. Being a counselor is also another form of social work you can do in schools. Really, when it comes to helping children, the social roles you can have are endless.


The point is that there are many sociable jobs out there if you think about them in creative ways. You might love talking to people and helping them on a personal level in your personal time, but there’s no reason why you can’t take those traits into numerous roles in numerous industries.

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