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Tips for Quality Time with Your Children

Making time for your children amidst the busyness of everyday life can seem daunting. However, regular one-on-one interactions are vital for your child’s development and your relationship with them. The good news is quality time doesn’t require complicated planning or expensive activities. Simple moments like talking while making dinner or playing in the garden count too! Follow these tips to make the most of your precious time together.

Keep It Tech-Free

While screens can be useful tools, they shouldn’t dominate your interactions. Agencies like recommend you set aside regular device-free chunks of time to give your kids your undivided attention. You’ll likely all feel less frazzled without the constant pinging and scrolling. When you do use media together, opt for interactive options like playing video games as a family. 

Join In Their Activities

Tune into what truly engages your child, then participate wholeheartedly. If they love imaginary games, take on a role in their storyline. If football’s their passion, have regular kickarounds in the park. Not only will you support their interests, but they’ll appreciate you wanting to learn about the things that light them up.

Chat About Their Day

Make talking together a priority by checking in daily about what’s going on in their world. Offer open questions that allow them to share freely. Be sure to actively listen without jumping in too quickly to solve problems. Your support, guidance and silly jokes will mean more to them than the details.  

One-On-One Time 

Carve out special routines with each child individually so no one feels overlooked. For example, you might have a standing lunch date or walk to school with one kiddo each week. Or alternate choosing activities they’re excited about. There’s no competition for attention when it’s planned one-on-one time.

Keep It Simple

Look for little moments in your regular routines to connect. Bake biscuits together on Sunday afternoons. Sing along to the radio while tidying up before bed. Even a trip to buy groceries can provide laughs and conversation. The ritual itself matters more than what you do.  

Focus on Relationship Building

The way your child feels when they’re with you is far more significant than any activity. Cultivate your bond through affection, encouragement, trust and respect. Laugh often. Be silly. And don’t be afraid to show vulnerability; it teaches them it’s okay not to be perfect. 

Minimise Distractions

When you’re together, try to eliminate outside interruptions like phones, tasks around the house, and screens. Give your child your complete focus rather than squeezing in moments around other priorities. The consistency will assure them they’re important to you.

The tween and teenage years seem to fly by, but the little kid days last forever (in a good way)! Savour this fleeting period by soaking up time with your children as often as possible. Keep things simple, go at their pace, and above all, have fun together! Years from now the scorecards, grades and trophies will be long forgotten, but the memories you make playing, talking and laughing with them will be treasured forever.

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