Employees That Feel Like They Work For Google

If you have a business, that is, if you own a business, then you only have two real concerns: maximising your profits and ensuring your employees are as happy as Larry (whoever Larry is?). This was first instigated by Google but has since been celebrated by some of the biggest companies in the world, from Airbnb to the World Wildlife Foundation, Burton snowboards to Netflix. All of these companies not only realised the importance of having happy employees, they took it to a whole other level.


We’re not suggesting you have the capacity to offer sleep pods or give your staff an annual allowance of $2000 so that they can travel the world, but you can do more than you are now. Lift their mood and you will lift your revenue; it is a simple equation that has been proved time and time again.

Encourage Reading

You have two major options here, the first is to purchase each employee a Kindle or pay for a magazine subscription, both of which are relatively small outlays in the grand scheme of things and both of which will have positive effects. Not only will both of these options motivate and inspire your employees, it will encourage them to read more (including industry related articles) and thus encourage conversations among them. Winning.

Bonding Sessions

Team building has become easier and easier to do because more and more companies organise these events for you as part of their package, and the results are amazing. On the one hand, you could tailor your team building around title 22 training and use it as a way of getting them to learn together. And on the other hand, you will encourage them to get to know one another better and feel confident and comfortable with each other, and that will be continued in your office. Big smiles all round.

Tech Advancements

Yup, technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and it ain’t slowing down yet. So it is time you invested in some upgrades. Not only will this help your staff perform better because they will have the tools to do so, but it will also make them feel more valued, it will make them feel more content, happier. You could go even further and invest specifically in tech that allows people to easily work from home through screen sharing and video conferencing. Flexible working equals happy workers.

Comfort Is Key

Happiness comes from a relaxed state of mind, it comes from comfort, so why not make room for more comfort in your office. Upgrade your office chairs, book business class seats when staff have to fly, have sofas dotted around your office, have a room dedicated to comfort and relaxation, space where people can get together to problem solve and brainstorm. All of these things say you care about your staff and the appreciation will go a long way in keeping them happy and, as we all know, a happy employee is a productive employee. It is as simple as that.


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