Here’s How To Fix Up Your Existing Car on a Budget

Most of us would like our cars to look sleeker, chicer and faster. Just because are cars are looking a little old and sorry for themselves, doesn’t mean we need to rush out and replace them with a new model. There are many little cheap and cheerful tricks that we can do to bring our cars back to their former glory without breaking the bank. With so many great, cost-effective ways to add value to our cars and to make them more reliable, look more stylish and give our cars that little extra ‘street-cred, it’s never been easier to do all those things and all on a tight budget.

Good Paint Job

No car can look good with old, chipped and faded paint. Therefore if your car is looking a little sorry for itself then a good paint job could be just what it needs. Why not pick a shade that is completely different and unique to the type of car that you have. Talk to your local car paint specialist and look through the different paint options and colors available to have your car looking fantastic in no time at all. A little cosmetic attention could be all your car needs to make it look as good as new.

New Wheels

Your wheels get a serious battering over time and are one of the most important parts of your car to update. When it comes to your car wheels you will want to be thinking more about performance rather than just how awesome they look. Researching a really good set of wheels with a company like Cepek will actually reduce the unsprung weight of your car which will dramatically improve the handling of your car. Of course, there is nothing to say that new wheels can’t also look great, just that the improvements to the overall performance of your car should be your priority.

Better Brakes

If you ask any mechanic about what separates a good car from a great car chances are that they will probably say ‘brakes’. When thinking of taking your car up to the next level, you probably are not thinking about how to best slow it down. However good brakes are an essential part of any great car. Therefore if you have not had your brakes looked at for a while then it is time to head down to your local garage to have them replaced and upgraded. Carbon ceramic brake pads are always a great option as an upgrade as they don’t dirty up your wheels with all that awful grey brake dust.


Just a few tweaks here and there can have your car looking as good as new and can have you driving around proudly in your fantastic looking set of wheels. As you can see you don’t need to break the bank in order to fix up your old, reliable car, just looking into the details of how you can improve your car will go a long way in bringing your car back to its former glory.

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